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I have an older iSight camera I would like to connect to my new (2011) mac mini.

The iSight is 6 pin fw400 (about 8 years old); mac mini is 9 pin fw800.

I know they make an adapter for this (about $7 on Amazon; have yet to order).

Question: I would also like to extend the length of the cable connecting the camera.

The existing cable on the camera is 6'. I know they make extension cables (some up to 16' long, though they are pricey: $25).

How long can I reasonably make my cable before degrading or losing the signal?

Does anyone know of a cable that would take care of switching from 6 pin to 9 pin as well as give me additional length?

Will the quality I will get from this camera be worth spending $25 + on adapters/cables?

Or should I just put the money toward a wireless webcam?

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.2)