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what is the longest movie in facebook?how/---can you use thenderball for movies yet? what cable for a sonyhandy cam?how?

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    lets hope we get an answer!

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    HT2498 is it easy to use i movie with a sony handy cam,using,mini tapes?i have many tapes,to be edited,and put on dvd? solid state drives,external 2 tb drives!what is best? thanks for your help! mk1931@juno.com.


    First, if you mean that you have many miniDV tapes from your Sony HandyCam, you might want to consider getting a copy of iMovie 6 and using that instead of the later versions. iMovie 6 handles DV footage easily and that is the best format for iDVD to use. If your ultimate goal is to put these movies on DVD disks, this would be the simplest solution for you. You can try Ebay for iLife 6 to get iMovie 6 HD.


    If you wish to save your iMovies once you create them, you can store them on external drives (you will need several if you have a lot of footage), and/or you can export them back to new miniDV tapes via your camcorder. If you create iDVD projects with these movies, you can also save all of your iDVD projects as Disk Image Files and retain the ability to burn DVD disks of your projects in the future, even if you delete the original iMovie and the original iDVD project of that iMovie.


    The above has been the 'old way' of saving and burning iMovies, and still is the best way for .dv formatted movies.

    New ways are to use the newer versions of iMovie and save the movie footage as iMovie projects on external drives or upload to your website or YouTube, etc. You have to be willing to learn all about iMovie versions 9, 11, paying attention to how to do this. Some find the newer versions easier and faster, since they were designed to be a quick way to get movie footage to web sites.


    Some of us prefer iMovie 6 when creating iMovies to burn to DVDs.

    Hope this is helpful to you.