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I had it checked out at the apple store today.  My phone kept crashing at 75% and no one knows why. I was first told to take off all video and extra pics and podcasts to get my "free" up to at least 2 GB.  I did that and it kept crashing.  I went back the second time to apple store and a scan was done.  The guy told me that it is a software issue and I need to back up the phone to the icloud, clear it all off, restore and start over.  I was unable to do that.  It will not back up to the icloud.  So I called them later and asked what else I could do?  They first said, drive all the way back (1 hour each way) and they will take another look.  So I asked if there was anything I could do at home?  He said I could back up to my computer and then restore from there...then go back and back up to the icloud.  I restored from computer but it still won't back up to the icloud.  I wonder if something was set up wrong for icloud.  I remember I had a LOT of trouble setting it up initally...password issues and such.  What can I do now?  I am out of contract and do not have applecare.  Is there a department I can contact or who can help me with this?

iPhone 3GS, iOS 5.0.1