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Although this is already well known, this makes it official.


As I was talking to an AppleCare rep today, he told me that iWeb is discontinued. When I told him that I thought that Apple could make an amazing piece of web design software if they really wanted to, he told me that Apple was getting all the way out of the web design area, and that iWeb was never really made to do any more than be a selling point for MobileMe. This really puts the nail in the coffin. Ouch.

iWeb '09, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    I'm still holding out for iWeb Pro V12

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    I'm still holding out for HyperCard Pro.

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    Naw, iBooks Author with a FTP option is what I see in the future. Why not let people create great sites, and upload as a site to a web host, rather than make a textbook.


    Nobody reads anymore....


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    iBooks Author is the premise for iWeb Pro V12. The same team that developed iBooks Author, developed iWeb and Pages. Now that they have time on their hands, iWeb in next. 

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    I can't resist the urge to applaud your vision.

    The argument that iWeb is just a waste now that MobileMe is being phased out misses the point.

    There are people out there giving thousands of dollars to web creation professionals to make sites that iWeb Pro V12 could make easily. And millions of people across this globe would buy Macs just to make their sites.


    Well, it would be a tremendous selling point. We humans are ego driven. We want our videos/photos/essays available for the world, not to mention our dental practice sites and small restaurant sites.


    (And iWeb, for its time, in my opinion, was the finest piece of software Apple ever introduced).


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    hughmass wrote:


    (And iWeb, for its time, in my opinion, was the finest piece of software Apple ever introduced).


    Agreed, but I will also lobby for iMovie HD6 as one of the greatest. And I still use it, in Lion.


    If the next iWeb update cleaned up the code and made it HTML5 compliant for IOS, that would make me extremely happy.

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    Where my enthusiasm ends and reality begins in one word: FaceBook. iWeb was always intended for personal use. If I remember correctly, early on in iWeb Terms of Use, business sites were not allowed. That's why many in this forum suggested using an outside web host instead of MobileMe if you were going to have a business site.


    So if Apple's intentions were for personal sites and FaceBook fits the bill, why continue. Much of what can be done in an iWeb family site can be accomplished in FaceBook.


    Anyone using iWeb for a business site, myself included, and is complaining, should have read the Terms of Use.

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    Actually... This past summer I created a fixed layout book for the iPad using elabortate page designs, two page spreads, and all kinds of very complex page layout. I don't own InDesign or any kind of high-end book design software.


    Wanna know what I used?




    Yep, I discovered that I could layout the pages of my book exactly as I wanted using iWeb, then publish the resulting HTML and CSS (and JavaScript) to a folder.  I then massaged the resulting files as necessary so they would be in the proper EPUB format for the iPad and... voila!


    I actually wouldn't be too surprise to discover that the new book authoring software for the iPad has roots in iWeb.

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    Until I learn Dreamweaver (and I've owned it for years ... someday I'll learn it), I'm still going to use iWeb and publish to a folder, then upload the folder. Why not?


    I assumed that they forbid iWeb business websites because of a bandwidth issue with MobileMe. That said, I still published my business website there. My traffic was not going to set off any alarms and I was able to quickly design, edit and maintain my site with iWeb. I will continue to do so, just hosted somewhere else. If Mountain Lion breaks iWeb, I'll just keep another boot volume (as I did with Snow Leopard until Quicken was modified for Lion) that I will use for iWeb.

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    Wyodor wrote:


    I'm still holding out for HyperCard Pro.


    Well, LiveCode (ex Revolution, ex Metacard) is believed to be the Hypercard of the 21st century and besomes now open source. That are good news, are't them? Read this: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1755283828/open-source-edition-of-livecode