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I have 2 contracts with Verizon from an old cell phone and a mobile hotspot device which are now a year exoired.  I want an iPhone 4S.  I also liked the Mobile HotSpot 3G which does not work well now that the carrier has put their efforts in to 4G.  Does the iPhone 4S have the ability to work as a mobile hotspot with my MacBook Pro?  Also, I have a friend who got a free iPhone4S at BestBuy last weekend and their rates were so much bettter than Verizon.  Apparantly that deal "get one free" was for one day and is now" buy a iPhone 4S and get one free".. Anybody know a decent carrier and the best place to get the iPhone4S.  I have a $50 New Every Two from Verizon, but the prices for the data services are out rageous.  Plus I would like to learn how to use the iPhone4S at some classes.


Any recommendations on where to get the iPhone 4S, the best carrrier (Sprint's prices were much better than Verizon, but I heard Verizon has the better network), and the Mobile Hotspot 3G I had was an awesome device (when it worked).  If I can use the IPhone 4S as a mobile hot spot I would leave verizon, if not, I am interested to hear what the experts say.


BTW, I have never used a smartphone, so this is a NEW expereince for me.

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    Yes, you can use an iPhone 4s as a hotspot if you set up the proper data plan to do so.


    You only have Verizon, Sprint or AT&T to choose from, pretty simple to compare their rates or do a Google search for a rate comparison.

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    Yea but Sprints "psuedo" 4G does not compare to Verizons 4G.  The Mobile hotspots that are out now are mostly 4G.  So if you compare the price sheet your not comparing apples to apples.

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    iPhone's do not have 4g.

    They use 3G networks-both verizon and sprints 3G networks are equal and slower thn ATT's.

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    I have never read about a buy one, get one free deal with an iPhone or completely free. Maybe for an iPhone 3GS which is two models ago, but not for an iPhone 4S.


    The iPhone 4S is not an LTE (4G) network compatible phone. Not compatible with Verizon's LTE network or with ATT's LTE network. Between the 3 networks - ATT, Verizon, and Sprint, the iPhone 4S is faster with ATT's 3G network by far.


    Not sure why Verizon's 3G network via their mobile hotspot device would no longer work well - whatever that means due to Verizon's LTE network being available since Verizon's CDMA 3G network isn't going away anytime soon.

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    The standalone mobile hotspot devices that Verizon sells are now all 4G.  However, that has no effect on how well the personal hotspot feature works on the iPhone. It's a nice option if you don't want an additional contract and works just fine.

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    Depending on where you're located, you'll find that data performance on the 4S is substantially better on AT&T thanks to the 4S's support for HSPA+. It's not 4G, but then again, neither is what Verizon or Sprint call 4G.



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    I would talk around and see what your friends have to say about their respective networks.


    AT&T has the "fastest" iPhone since it has HSPA+

    Sprint is the only carrier to offer unlimited data for the iPhone

    Verizon most likely has the best coverage around


    I have a Verizon iPhone 4 and love it (especially with my unlimited data) but if I had to drop them for any reason, I would most likely go to AT&T and get the 3GB of data. I live in a large city though, so that's something to consider.

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    Thanks for the input.  I am not going back and re-reading my origional post, but I should have, if I did not, make this a 2 -part question.  Since I am not too excieted to lose the New Every Two discount (or whatever it is called) that I will get if I ever decide what to purchase, my question(s) are really 1. Is Verizon's iPhone 4S and their plan (yes, I have looked up the various plans a lot of times but I am not the best when it comes to understanding computer lingo) just as good as any other plan out there?  The phone is the same, right?  All Apple iPhone 4S's will be the same assuming the company is being honest.  I understand the 4 does not mean 4G.  I have heard so many opinions about Sprint having a horrible data service, even know it is "unlimited."  I also heard that Verizon's is the best, but I have not hear until now anything about HSPA+.  From being with Verizon for so long, I know their main priority is money.  I also have heard a ton of times that you can't beat their 4G LTE network.  Which is where that topic comes in.


    the mobile hotspot I have that used to work great (which is the MIFI2200 3G) and one day it stopped working so great and over time has gotten worse and worse.    I worked with 10 Verizon technicians, have tried to work with an "Apple Specialist" which a few customer service agents have told me they have but you have to ask for them.  When I have asked for them, the other technicians either got kind of uptight about the question or told me they all have the same training, ot once I was transferdd to an Apple Specialist.  it was a supervisor that tole me to ask for an Apple Specialist.


    to make a long story short about my Mobile Hotspot which at Verizon this one is called a MIFI2200 3G.  the concept was awesome and I had some awesome road trips because of the MiFI2200 and my MacBook Pro.  why it went out in this area of Salt Lake City, I was told the same after the 4G network was up for awhile that this is a pocket that just does not get the 4G signal and if it does it is transient.  It is in an area that is surounded by TRAX to one side, the old railroad tracks which are replaced for FrontRunner going to Provo and back to SLC.  I have been asking around for about 2 years and to sum it up over the 2 years, in this area most everybody complains of their 4G service and really complain now about their 3G service, no matter what device it is.


    so, I am not  sure what to do with the replacement, but I have to make a decision.  One agent told me she will make a comment in my account (which several agents have told me they do not see) that if I get any 4g device and it does not work in the area I live, they will not charge me a restocking fee.


    I want the iPhone 4S since I have neveer had a smartphone or even sent a text message.  I am tired of the little cell phone.  I had the first apple desktop when I was in High School and since then I have been an Apple fan, but for some reason I have a hard time getting an Apple phone on Verizon's network.  However, this is not an area I know much about.  Even after looking at so many webpages and single pieces of papers that map-out each of the 4 top carrier's cost for their services regarding the iPhone 4S.


    I am always cautious lately about anything that Verizon tells me or charges me.  But I go back to the $50 New Every Two I will get for the MiFI2200 line and $50 for the other line I have.  Both of my contracts are up, so that is not an issue.  I personally think the Mobile HotSpot 4G will work in this area, but I realy would not be buying it to use it at the place I live. I would use it for the road trips and my MacBook Pro.  I could be wrong and it might not work very well, but the technicians all told me the reason why the MiFI2200 3G started to fail was because of the Verizon network being changed over to 4G and the difficulty the little MIFI200 3G ws having what was let of the 3G part of the towers.  I have no idea if this is true or what.  As I have siad, I do not know much about this kind of stuf.  Most from expereince, and I ask a ton of questions, which drives some technicians crazy but some like it.


    As far as the iPhone4s, I have no idea if ATT is better because of the HSPA+, if it does work better it is probably because they are like 2 that started together, were sort of "wired" to work together and have the longest relationship together.


    I think that is the End.  If there are people out there who are skeptics, I would just have to kind of relate, because so am I.  I really do not want to make a big federal case out of this, but I know Verizon and what I purchase, even if I save $50 on the phone, I am stuck with.  As far as the plan, I do not even know what Verizon's "Unlimited" in GB's really means, even know I have seen it put on one of the price sheets comparing ATT, Verizon, Sprint.  Meaning this carrier's max data would be like 150 HD, 5 min videos. (Just an example)


    Even if I do stay with Verizon, is it best to just go online and get the phone and either Samsong's 4G Mobile Hotspot or the 4G version of the MIFI.  BTW, they are till selling a NEW device that is a Mobile Hotspot and is a 3G.  I can see that there would still be a need for that with the phones that are 3G.  I heard you can use the iPhone 4S as a mobile hotspot if you conf it right but I am not the person to be trying to do that everytime I want a mobile hotspot.

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    I would recommend AT&T for you. They have the fastest network. If I may add my Verizon experience, they do not seem to like the iPhone very much. They try to dissuade you from getting one, and then if you do get one, if you have any question relating to service, data, text messaging, phone, etc. they will simply say "that's Apple's problem" and dismiss you. This could just be my local Verizon but it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I just think that AT&T is much more willing to help you.

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    so would it be best for me if I do use my $50 "rebate" and get the iPhone 4S at Verizon, enter into a new contract and RUN to the Apple Store to purchase Applecare for the phone!  Or does Verizon sell Applecare?

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    Verizon sells AppleCare.

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    OK, so I get my iPhone4S online, get my $50 New Every Two, buy the Applecare fro Verizon, but then I am stuck because when I buy it fro Verizo that starts my contract. It looks like with this option I would have to give up my $50.

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    If you have a $50 rebate, Verizon is your best option. AT&T is the best carrier, but go with Verizon so you don't lose your $50.

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    OK, so pick my iPhone4s, put it in the basket, maybe I will throw (well, not literally, don't want to break my new MIFI) a new MIFI 4G also in the basket for my other rebate, and hope that the agent will be able to find what the one agent said she would make a note in my account that if no 4G device I purchase works there is no restocking fee.  Get the unlimited what, the unlimited data?  I know I will need that but for the rest I have no idea.  I tried once to use the landscape keyboard but my fingers are so big I kept hitting othr key.  Get Applecare too, and just learn it on my own or take a class at the Apple Store?

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