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Hi friends,


Am reposting this as I have more infomration now.


Problem: Having installed the 10.6.8 upgrade, (currently running osx 10.6 on a 2009 iMac) then on reboot the machine undergoes a kernel panic.


General Observations; The machien has given ZERO problems since I bought it. The only peripherals are an USB apple keypad and an apple USB Mouse connected to the keyboards ancillary USB port.


Diagnostic actions to date;


1. Completely erased disk, created new partition, verified disk and also verified disk permissions (all good).

2. Re-installed Snow Leopard.

3. Cleared PRAM using the option-command-P-R (waited for 4 Apple Chimes).


Result: Nada !

System still crashes.


Geranal Notes: As I live in Malaysia, Lion DVD installation kit is still nto available here.  So I have to upgrade to Lion via the net. However, I cannot upgrade to Lion unless I first complete ythe other 10.6 related upgrades (this is my undertanding).


Question: Anyone out there with any ideas ? What about the folks over at Apple. This is fairly basic stuff. An Apple mandated Upgrade renders an Apple Hardware platform inoperable.

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    THere is no Lion DVD installation kit.  There is a USB Flash drive release though.    Upgrading won't solve kernel panics.  You have a hardware issue if a system erase and install fails to work. This is a user to user forum, and you'd have to contact Apple directly to find out what Apple thinks.  The number for Apple in Malaysia is: 1-800 803-638 and if for some reason that doesn't work Brunei is: Dial 800-1111 first, then dial 800-708-5413. Run the hardware test that came with the Mac, if it shows nothing, the RAM has gotten to be bad.

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    A: If your machine had a completely erased hard drive and a fresh install of OS x 10.6 (no other software installed) and you got kernel panic's then it's the 10.6 disk, you'll need to clean it or get a new one from Apple.


    If the new disk also produces the same problem, then it's got to be the hardware.


    B: If your machine is like A, but the kernel panics started when you updated to 10.6.8 (no other software installed) then it's a bad update. Reinstall with the 10.6.8 Combo Update instead. Also c boot off the 10.6 disk and Repair Disk, the 10.6.8 update did something to the drive that it needs repair.


    C: If your machine was fine on 10.6, installed third party software worked, then kernel panics started after the 10.6.8 update. Then it's compatability issues with kext files and 10.6.8 changes.



    The 10.6.8 update borked a lot of third party kernel extension files (kext) installed in OS X.


    What you can do is this:


    Hold the Shift key down to boot into Safe Mode, this will disable the kext files from loading, backup your files off the machine (not TimeMachine) and disconnect all drives.


    Go around and update all your third party software so it's compatible with 10.6.8,


    If you need a clue, look in your System/Library/Extensions and usually the names of the companies are on the kext file names. Sometimes copy protected software will use another companies copy protection system, so it will be under another name.




    Funny thing about kext files, they are not all in the System/Library/Extensions folder to load upon boot, they can be located anywhere the program decides and loaded when the program loads.


    If you have programs that are auto-launching at log-in then naturally so does it's kext files.



    10.6 will run all your present software and drivers for hardware just fine, 10.7 will not and is NOT advised for older hardware. Early 2011 or later Lion is just fine, but you'll likely have to buy all new software to work with it.


    Despite 2GB of RAM being Lion's minimum, 4GB is advised. Also you will need a 64 bit Intel Mac, not a 32 bit Intel Mac (no Lion for Core Duo's)


    Tested, Lion is a hair slower than Snow Leopard


    Check this site to make sure your third party programs are updated for Lion, not many are yet.


    Some are undergoing a rewrite because Apple introduced a MacAppStore and likely told all the developers their programs will eventually have to comply with the restrictions placed there to run on Apple hardware, this means Apple is likely going to close up and we can't install software of our choice just like it is on iPads and iPhones.


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    Additionally, anything that required Rosetta to run will have to be updated to Universal before it can run in Lion.

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    Hi there a,


    thanks for that, very much appreciated.


    Question though: This iMAC has never given me problems before. And it is turned on 24x7. When running 10.6 Snow Leopard, it behaves according to expectations. So not sure why an operating system upgrade should 'expose' a hardware problem ? Unless it is addressing RAM in a different manner? Or perhaps a driver has been updated and there is something unusual about the iMAC memory? But then again this should have been experienced by many Customers.


    Anyway, am stepping through the individual upgrades from 10.6.1 (No Combos)  in an attempt to get to 10.6.6 (APP Store) and see if a Lion Upgrade will work.  If that doesnt work will attempt to discuss with Apple Malaysia (though I'd rather gnaw my arm off than try to deal with tech-based Customer Services out here).


    p.s. have successfully passed 10.6.2 and still rebooting ok.

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    Every update can address RAM in a different manner.  In fact, every program can address RAM in a different manner.  RAM is Random in its very nature.   Thus you are playing Russian Roulette with RAM if it is even in the slightest bit damaged or other not wired correctly.  This is why it is recommended you only buy RAM from known good distributers, and use the lifetime warranty as needed*:

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    If you don't apply the combo update you might miss a security update from place to place.

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    just installed 10.6.3 and kernel crashed on reboot


    Message is:


    "Unable to find driver for this platform: \"ACPI\".\n\"@SourceCache/xnu/xnu-1504.3.12/iokill/Kernel/IOPlatformExpert.cpp 1389

    Debugger called" <panic>


    which may refer to a Power Management Driver?



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    an update: still NOT solved.



    1. Erased disk

    2. Installed Snow Leopard

    3. Deciced to try to load iLife, iWork, Garageband, MS Office

    4. Restart GOOD

    5. Installed 10.6.8 Combo

    6. Restart BAD (kp)


    Observations: - Safe Boot also results in a KP


    Pllanned Next Steps (forgetting about all Applications)

    1. Erase Disk

    2. Install Snow Leopard

    3 Test Restart

    4. Install 10.6.8 Combo

    5. review Kext (but no idea what to look for, since no non-Apple software loaded by me).



    Question: As I am continually rebooying , reinstalling etc on my iMAC, I downloaded the OSX Combo using my MacBookPro and then transferred across to iMAC. Think Apple provide different versions of OSX update between iMac and MacbookPro (whoch both use intel 64 bit Core Du0 processors.

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    Update regarding Kext...


    After installing 10.6.8 Combo, i have observed that the following files were modified by the installation process:-









    all are described as kernel extensions.


    Have found out how to load these Kext usin kext.load..... so i could try to load and see if they impact the existing 10.6 platfom. But not sure what good that would do.



    Also: FYI: there are no Login items listed in System Preferences > Accounts >,,, so not sure how to track down any relevant Kext files involved in System Startup.

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    Not exactly.

    Apple did release a new 10.6.8 combo later.  If you are using an older one left behind either from an old image you downloaded on its release, or from a nonApple download site, it might cause problems.

    The official latest 10.6.8 is here


    If your Mac is newer than that date, but shipped with 10.6.8, only use the 10.6.8 that shipped with it.

    If your Mac is newer than March 15, 2010, only use the 10.6 that shipped with it and any newer 10.6 combos on Apple's website.

    Never use the operating system discs from one Mac on another.

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    Well I don't think it is a faulty kernel extension unless you loaded the wrong operating system software as I stated above.

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    Hi all,


    Thanks again for all your suggestions so far.


    Let me restate the original problem and update you on my various approaches to date.


    Platform is an iMAC (2009, 3.06 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4GB 800 MHz DDR2 SDRAM)

    It was bought directly from the main Apple Rep store in KL.

    It has never been modified, so it comes with all original Apple components.

    The only periperhals are an Apple Keyboard and Apple Mouse.


    Platform came loaded with Leopard OSX 10.5

    It has since been upgraded to run Snow Leopard (10.6.0, retail version installed from an Apple DVD)


    Platform has NEVER given problems and usually is powered ON or in sleep mode 24x7.




    I can upgrade to 10.6.1 and 10.6.2 However the following upgrades result in KP.



    10.6.6 Combo

    10.6.8 Combo


    In all cases I erased the disk, re-installed the Snow Leopard baseline and then loaded the relevant update.

    In the cases highlighted above the platform Kernel Panics on restart.




    Am stumped just now.

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    The most likely cause is RAM that has gone bad.  Go to the resources on my aforementioned badram.html page to find the correct RAM for your Mac from or as both ship internationally.

    If the RAM is not at issue, you have something the hardware test can't detect that requires bringing in the shop.

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