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I am having problems with sharing my calendars through iCloud. I cannot get iCloud to share calendars from my iPhone to either my iMac or iPad2.  I have checked all of my devices and calendars are turned on throughout.  Mail, iBooks etc are all sharing fine.  Any suggestions please?

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    Try turning calendar syncing off on the phone, restarting it and turning syncing back on. Also check that your calendars on the phone are iCloud calendars and don't belong to another account, tap the calendars button in the top left corner of the calendar app.

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    Winston,  I took your advice which when I turned on the syncing it actually merged resulting in two sets of contacts....something is not right between my macbook and iphone.  I had mobileme then upgraded software on both devices and moved to the iCloud.  I'm still having the problem of iCal and contacts not syncing.

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    They will duplicate if you keep them and then merge them again. Did you check your calendars are all iCloud calendars.