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Is there any way to use ( ibooks author ) in windows 7 ?


Windows 7
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    No, sorry - requires Lion on Mac.

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    What amazes me is that Apple is shutting off non-Mac authors, who are Windows-based.   Using 3rd party aggregators is not the answer here.  Amazon has "Kindle apps" for all Apple devices, and hence, will be able to sell books to Windows or Apple OS users.  Apple, on the other hand, seems to be shutting out a very important segment of the market (i.e., Windows authors).  Unless you go through an aggregator (and this process is difficult and fraught with problems, from all that I have read), Apple is betting on the world being Mac-based.  Apple should have a Windows port of its iBook Author and iTunes Producer programs.  Am I missing something here?

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    Come over to the side of light ....

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    Fabe, this is not about religion, it's about Apple making a very big marketing blunder, IMO.  I have research aggregators very thoroughly, and for many reasons, I will NOT use them.  Similarly, I'm not going to go out and buy a Mac, so that I can sell a book on iBooks.  So, I'll just sell on Amazon, and let their Kindle apps take care of business.  Sure I'll lose some sales potentially for not being in iBooks, but so will Apple.

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    Yes, you are right. Apple may lose its position as the most highly capitalized business on the planet because of this... (IMO  :-)  just pulling your leg mate )

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    Not saying that at all.  They are handing the electronic ebook biz to Amazon on a silver platter, IMO.

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    Yes, it's a bit disappointing really. If the true focus was on supporting learning, they would have produced this dual platform. I can't see too many people rushing out to buy a Mac for the sake of producing an iBook; I guess we will have to leave it to those on the "Side of Light" to enlighten us all via iBooks with their great wisdom

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    I'm not suprised Apple doesn't have a Windows version of iBooks Author, but I am surprised there's no Windows version of iTunes Producer.