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Purchased a DELL branded Lexmark V715w AIO printer a month or so back.  I was able to install it to my Windows based home system.  When I try and add it to my MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, I cannot get it to print at all.  It will show up in the print and scan Queue fine, but will never print anything when a document or picture is sent to it.


I have tried multiple versions of both DELL and Lexmark drivers, updated the firmware, downloaded the newest MAC Lion drivers to no avail.  I like this printer, and hope that someone can assist me in getting it setup for use.


When I try and complete teh Lexmark Wireless assistant, it hangs at the Connect USB cable screen and never allows the "Continue" button to be selected (stays grayed out), I found a fix for this on the windows side, but nothing for us MAC users.


Any assistantance would be greatly appreciated, starting to get tired of saving to a UB Stick and getting on the Windows machine to print items.




MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)