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I recently bought my first iPhone (the 4S) and was pretty impressed although there's one really annoying issue. Whenever there's a notification, the tone stutters like **** (ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-tatatin : that's how I can mimick the tri-tone like it comes up on my phone). Sometimes, the tone doesn't complete at all and this is all very annoying when I'm listening to a song.


I can totally understand that phones will have bugs, but this seems like an elementary issue that should've been cleared up in the beta releases of iOS5 itself.


After doing a bit of research online, I discovered that turning off the "view notifications in lock screen" fixes this, although it takes away the convenience of getting to reply from the lock screen itself.


I sincerely hope that Apple comes up with a fix for this in the next iteration of iOS5. If someone out there knows a fix for this issue, please let me know.


Thanks in advance!

iPhone 4S, Windows 7
  • gdgmacguy Level 7 Level 7

    Have you tried the basic troubleshooting steps outlined in the User Guide?  I and the vast majority of people are having no such problems.

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    Sorry for the massive essay... but this issue is really bugging me.
    I had an Iphone 4 which worked perfectly fine up until the release of ios 5. It then developed a text stutter on any sms tone, and no matter how many restores from icloud i did, it still wouldn't go away for good.
    I took it to the apple store, where they said they have never heard of anyone else having the issue (even though plenty of people have the issue online). They gave me a completely brand new iphone 4, and I hoped that would do the trick. I got it home and found that it was still having the same issue so it couldn't be anything to do with the phone itself.

    I have since got a brand new iphone 4s, and thought I wouldnt have to worry about this same issue as it was a brand new phone, with was built with ios 5 in mind. But... I'm still having the exact same issue.
    I have tried all the suggestions for a fix, but nothing seems to be working at all (apart from about 12 hours worth of it being fixed).
    I wondered if it could be some interference with my laptop or windows 7 itself? Or just with windows interfering with the apple software, because it isn't a mac.

    Do you have windows at all? Just trying to find some answers also

  • Sound Shikari Level 1 Level 1

    There is a fix posted for this issue where you do not need to turn off vibrate or turn off view in lock screen. Go to the following link to read it. http://iostricks.com/double-text-message-ringtone-fix-iphone-4s-and-iphone-4-131

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    I am also facing the same problem. I am tired of trying to fix this problem but nothing works for me... I hope that Apple will seriously look into this problem and find a permanant solution...