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    I have one solution, the reason that you can't see the artworks whe you choose the artwork screen saver is because you must send the music to itunes folder and next, open itunes and load the artwoks and everythig works, be careful , dont dulplicate the songs.



    1- Go to music/itunes/Automatically Add to iTunes


    2- Send all your music to the  /Automatically Add to iTunes library


    3- This process take a long time (depends how much music do you have)


    3- Be carefull don't duplicate the music


    4- Open Itunes go to File/library/get album artwork.


    5- Close itunes Shut Down and restart


    6- Done.

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    Wes_Man_Tooth, you're a legend! I always keep reading posts for the easiest solutions and I try them from the hardest to the easiest until I find a solution. My Library screen saver used to work fine and then when upgrading to Lion it started messing about. I couldn't believe when I deleted the voice memos it actually solved the problem!!! Awesome! Thanks alot

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    I spent 3500 on a new Mac Pro.  The Bluetooth isn't compatible with my iPhone so it won't sync with my iPhone.  The iTunes library just doesn't work and it's just a headache now that my entire library is screwed up.  After spending $800 on my new Dell Inspiron Laptop, it syncs with no issues with my iPhone.  One button to click and enter a code and it synced.  This is a Windows 7 machine that synced with my Apple iPhone flawlessly and my MacPro won't.  Tell me this is a joke.  Seriously, Apple, get your head out of your ***** and start thinking about your customers instead of worrying about how the next product is going to be a new design breakthrough.  I used to be a Mac lover for the work I do, but Windows is starting to become superior over Mac products.  I want to keep supporting Mac, but when the simplest things won't or do not work, then it's about time I move on to another product that does work.  My 2 cents. 

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    Had the same issue, itunes screensaver on my macbook pro with retina display stopped today. Tried a number of solutions found online, but what worked was incredibly simple. I subscribe to iTunes Match and have it running on my laptop, iphone 5 and latest ipad. I had signed out of iTunes at some point and did not realize this disabled iTunes Match. Once I enabled iTunes Match on all of my devices the artwork screensaver was back to normal.

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