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iphone 4s with 5.0.1, and two MBPs, one on 10.6.8 (this one's mine)/ical 4.0.1 and one on 10.7.2 (my employer's)/ical 5.0.1.


My employer forced an additional laptop on me, and quite apart from the bletcherous Lion on it, it was configured automatically to sync with my iphone.  When I plugged in my iphone to charge it up, I naturally messed up the syncing of calendars.  Now I have a problem.


My phone still has good calendar data on it.  My (own) laptop's calendars have been completely messed up.


What I want to do is force the calendars on my iphone to overwrite the calendars in iCal on my (own, 10.6.8) calendar.  I can barely stand to look at ical 5.0.1 anyway, so I'm not going to use it.  But I need those calendars on my own (ical 4.0.1) system.


Is there some way to recover these?  I suppose I could just back up in time with Time Machine and restore the parts that I want, then reset the phone back to that point and roll forward, but I'm looking for something less laborious than that.


I've tried deleting everything in ~/Library/Calendars, but that didn't work.


Any suggestions?  Overwriting the calendars on the iphone with what's on my laptop won't work, because I want what's on the iPhone to overwrite what's on the laptop. 





iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1