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I have an Iphone 3gs on contract with network 3.  I passed my phone to a friend as he said he will update it and install some apps for me, now he has given it to me back and said it isn't working.


I dont know exactly what he has done but I have read up on google about entering DFU mode and doing a factory restore, but when it gets to the very end I get error code (-1) unknown error?


Can anyone help me out and put a guess/finger on what he has possibly done and what I could do to resolve the matter???



iPhone 3GS, iOS 5.0.1
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    This error is common if modified software has been installed on your phone: iTunes Errors - The iPhone Wiki

    Sorry, but in this case we can't help, due to the Terms of Use in these discussions.

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    So are you telling me the phone is now useless?  and by modifying I presume you mean jailbreak?


    i have only had the phone for 3 months on a 24month contract! I think serious words are in order


    I respect the fact thats this is an official messageboard and that terms and conditions apply etc but any pointers would be appreciated? at least to get the phone back to factory settings maybe?  I have read somehwere about being able to restore the phone if its to the latest legit IOS version?


    is this true? if so I know I can continue a search to sort it, but dont want to waste precious hours on a waste journey


    Thanks for your reply btw Ingo2711

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    The phone is VERY LIKELY now useless.  Jailbreaking can permanently turn an iPhone into a brick, although a very pretty one.


    Jailbreaking voids the warranty with Apple, and forfeits your right to any assistance from Apple, including from this forum.  As Ingo stated, Terms of Use of this forum (that you have agreed to by signing up to post here) prohibit the discussion of jailbroken phones.


    You'll have to look elsewhere for assistance.  Keep in mind, there's a VERY STRONG liklihood that you will never get your phone working again.  Make it your friend's problem--tell him to repair it and if he can't, make him buy you a new one.

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    Sorry for telling you the bad news, one thing to try, search for your error in the Internet, maybe you'll find suggestion to try.

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    Thanks for taking the time to reply,

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    Why do you guys give false statements, it can be fixed, just because your daddy apple doen't let you talk about it, doesn't mean you should mislead people, whatever you do via software is likely to be fixed, specially from 3GS down. That defeats the purpose of getting help here.

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    Congratulations!  You just won the awared for resurrecting the oldest post!  You just responded to a 4 month old post.


    Good for you.

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    So did you; by the way, why do you think it's still here?? That's the idea, that's the purpose of the whole Internet for the matter. I needed help, found this, what a surprise when found a post where people who is supposed to know feed wrong information to those who need it

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    I fixed error -1 by switch to another laptop.


    And my 3gs was not jailbroken, but I still got this error when I upgrade to IOS 5.1.1.

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    well I didnt jail break my daughter phone, After installing IOS6 the phone wont work. I have 5 iphones and I am very upset that apple will do nothing for us. or att!!! i have tried different computers and nothing!! -1 on every itune!!

    do i get the award now smart butt!!! would be nice if you offered help instead of smart remarks