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I upgraded to Mac OSX Lion some months ago and my trackpad connected without a problem.  In the past week, my trackpad has been losing connection with the computer when it is sleeping.  I have tried the trackpad with my laptop and it works fine, so I know it is an iMac/trackpad issue.  I have also reset the PRAM to no avail.


Anyone have any ideas how to resolve this issue?  The computer simply does not discover the trackpad.




iMac, Mac OS X (10.3.x)
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    Turn the bluetooth on your computer off and back on. Also turn the trackpad off and on, it's not much of a solution, but the small things often fix huge problems!

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    Thanks for the thoughts.  I've done both things.  The issue is a connection one-the device is there, but can't be connected or discovered on my iMac-works fine on my laptop, which is very strange, especially as both have Lion running.  I've even run Repair Permissions in disk repair to no avail, and can't figure this out-ahh!


    Other thoughts appreciated and thanks again.


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    Hmm... Do other bluetooth devices connect to the iMac?

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    I couldn't get my other wireless mouse to connect-does that help?



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    Well, it kind of means that there really is something wrong with the iMac's bluetooth, and not just with the connection with your trackpad. Unfortunately I can not find any 'special' options in the bluetooth settings.

    However you could try this:

    • Open "System Preferences"
    • Select the "Bluetooth" pane
    • Find your trackpad (it should say "Not Connected" underneath the name)
    • Select the trackpad and press the little "-" and confirm by clicking on "Remove"
    • Now, turn your bluetooth off and back on again, just in case

    Please let me know whether this works or not.

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    Well, tried your suggestion and it didn't work-still can't discover the trackpad as a device-I did initially discover someone else's smartphone, but on second attempt, that didn't come up either.  Trackpad still works with laptop.  Other suggestions?



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    There probably is some solution that involves some terminal-magic, but since I only know a few Terminal commands, I'm afraid you'll have to wait for a Terminal-wizard to reply to this post. You could also try contacting Apple and see what they have to say.

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    Thanks for trying!  I'll give Apple a ring.

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    You're very welcome! Please let me know what Apple says about the issue though, thanks.

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    Did u ever solve proble with trackpad?

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    Well I guess the answer to that is yes and no.  The trackpad sometimes loses the connection, it can't be discovered, and then some hours or days later, it suddenly works again.  I can't figure it out so I just have a mouse on standby.



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    Any other solutions here?  I'm having the exact same problem.  My trackpad is connected to my iMac.  Went to the Apple store and tested the Trackpad and it worked fine.  Bluetooth keyboard works fine.

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    Check to make sure your trackpad is not connected to another Mac in the area of your current Mac you're having the issue with. 


    In my experience the trackpad will not connect to a new device if it's currently connected to another device.

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    My new Macbook Pro (which was migrated from my older Mac Pro tower) failed to discover and connect to my trackpad this morning (despite having connected yesterday), so I used the Apple Developer tool called "Bluetooth", found and deleted the trackpad from the Device Cache, and walked through the Setup Trackpad steps in System Preferences. That seemed to work.


    I realize that not everybody has knowledge of or access to the (free!) Dev Tools at Apple, but if you know your way around you can often find some interesting tidbits. Well worth signing up for ( Download "Hardware IO Tools for Xcode")


    I'm not sure why caching a device would prevent re-connection -- I've got a theory that it's something to do with Migration Assistant or upgrading from 10.7 to 10.8 -- the device is recognized as cached but the cached info is out of date or has metadata applicable only either to the older computer or 10.7.


    My other theory is that perhaps when the device lost connection that it did not get "put away" correctly. I also noted that prior to my removing from the cache, that the Bluetooth Explorer was unable to pull down the device's SDP record (error 0x4). The SDP record are how Bluetooth devices tell the host computer what capabilities they support, and I think the OS caches these.


    Joe K.

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