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I've never had this problem for over a year. Now, it becomes worst, can't sync, put music, movie, picture anymore. So I tried to restore it and update it, but it wont let me.

Please help

iPod touch, iOS 4.3.3, won't let me update the new version
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    peterlee89 wrote:


    ...but it wont let me.

    Does it say "You're not allowed" or does it merely slap your wrist?  PLEASE provide more detail!

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    Dear Philly_Phan.....maybe he's had the same problem as me....three months of a 4g i-Touch 64gb, everything nice, along comes iOS5, Apple tells us to update...then managing to download from an external source by holding down the shift key (nice folks on theese Apple Communities really trying to help) from there to Error 13019, and doing something in the "hosts" of my computer, then coming up with Error 3194, solved by going to jeiboy.com (more help from nice Coomunity Member) then going to firmwareumbrella.com (downloading tiny umbrella) then coming up with Error 1604, then being advised by another nice person in this Apple Community to go to hotfile.com and put my device into DFU mode.....at which point I realised this product is inherently faulty and gave up......surely when you buy an iPod Apple cannot assume that it is your idea of fun to spend hours and hours in front of a comuter screen looking for solutions to the problems their shoddy workmanship/software has created? I'm giving up on these useless things.........and I am sure it is not just because I am impatient, the onus on the purchaser to fix their own problems is just too great. Unfortunately I don't live or work in a country that has Apple Shops or "Genius Bars", and Apple doesn't even recognise the countries I live and work in on their drop downs even if I wanted to pay for advice....which I don't htink I should do for a product that cost usd 800 and is only about 6 months old.


    Good luck to the Phillies, but I can no longer call myself an Apple_Phan.....this product has just given me too many headaches, and the p[roduct support is as good as non-existent from the folks making all the profit..... or have I missed osmething? Is th eIPod Touch only for computer geeks with broadband and no social life?


    Cheers and Enjoy!



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    While upgrading into the newest version, they said something about the conection, but when I checked the conection, it seemed Ok.