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I recently downloaded a number of podcasts directly from the iTunes Store on my iPhone rather than downloading them on my Mac and sync'ing them to my phone.  About half way through downloading them (it was taking forever) I changed my mind, cancelled the downloads and did it on my Mac to sync later.


But I am now unable to delete the podcasts I partially downloaded directly on my phone.


All the podcasts have an icon I haven't seen before next to them (the square in a circle present on the second podcast in the list)!/lee_winder/status/163894979054407680/photo/1


Swiping the podcast (left to right) doesn't bring up the [delete] option like it does on podcasts I've manually synced.  Pressing this icon does nothing (it doesn't even highlight).  I thought it might be due to the podcasts not being fully downloaded (why that would disable deleting them I don't know) but I've listened from start to finish on a couple of them and still the icon is there and still I can't delete it.


I've tried unsyncing all my podcasts, restarting my iPhone, re-syncing all podcasts etc, and I simply cannot delete these podcasts of my phone.  I've downloaded the same episodes on my Mac and sync'd them to my phone and instead of replacing the ones on there, I end up with two copies of the same podcast.


Any ideas?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1
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