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windsor_commuterman Level 1 Level 1

Anyone know of a good app for storing usernames and passwords?

  • GZukes Level 4 Level 4

    pwSafe works really well and has a very good rating.

  • imobl Level 5 Level 5

    1password works for me and there is a version for the Mac;

    easy to keep all your passwords in sync between Mac and iDevices.

  • upstateny Level 1 Level 1

    Stay away from RoboForm!  They now require annual fees and if you don't want to sign up for that, their response is basically too bad (for Mac users).  For Windows users they say you're free to install an older version.


    Just to make it even more fun, they provide no way for a Mac user to export their existing data so they can port to another app ...


    BBB has them rated as an "F" and they have lost their accreditation. 

  • thetweetsauce Level 1 Level 1

    You should really consider calling support and having them clarify their licensing agreements for you, because you are grossly incorrect about almost everything you've said.


    RoboForm Everywhere and only RoboForm Everywhere is an annual subscription (allowing you to use any RoboForm product on all of your devices for one annual fee).


    the RoboForm Desktop and RoboForm2Go products are still a one time charge for the life of the version and do not have to be renewed annually at all. They do not expire.


    Also, what older mac version are you hoping to revert back to? RoboForm for mac was just released as a full version (not a beta) within the past few months. Mac users cannot revert back to an older version of the Mac software because there is no older version. If you purchased a license of your mac, the current version is still included with the license you already own. There is no previous version.


    Although the .rfp filetype is used only by RoboForm and not compatible with other password managers, you can still export the data to create a backup. You can also created a printed list of your data if needed.


    You are not entitled to Windows 7 for free just because you bought Windows Vista and RoboForm (as well as most software) is no different. I understand why you may be unhappy about the upgrade but you should research more.

  • upstateny Level 1 Level 1

    I appreciate the info, but here are the facts from my perspective:


    1.  I purchased RoboForm and was a very happy end user for some time.

    2.  Last year I was asked to upgrade and try Everywhere which has an annual renewal fee.

    3.  I understood the renewal fee and decided to try it.

    4.  After the year was up, Everywhere quit working and I decided to not renew the service.

    5.  Looking to go back to what I had prior to purchasing Everywhere for a year does not work - I now get a message telling me the trial period is over.

    6.  I have opened two tickets with the help desk.  One to ask how to revert back to the previous version.  The second how to export my data.

    7.   I've not yet received an answer to the first question and was told "Print list is a feature not currently available in RoboForm for Mac, apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. Please check the "Version News" of future updates for the addition of this feature."


    Bottom line for me is that it doesn't look like I can get back to what I had prior to purchasing Everywhere without investing more money into this company.  So that combined with the Better Business rating, I think I'll invest in a new product (1Password perhaps?).  I'm just trying to share my experience with others to give fair warning.