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I am using a macbook that i bought in 2007. I have snow leopard installed. I recently restored my system using Time machine (probably did this about 2 weeks ago). Ever since this restore my computer has been draining the battery really fast. Looking at other discussions I discovered that a particular process is opened whenever the computer is being used. Many times the process when checked in system monitor has been opened multiple times. I thought perhaps the computer had some malware on it or a virus. When I scan for these things nothing unusual is found. The name of the process is gentatsdb- user_atsserver as the user. I can't figure out how to keep this process from popping up. It is draining my battery, and causing the fan in the laptop to overwork so that it is very audible. I am used to a quiet mac not a loud one. Does anyone know How I can fix this problem?. By the way I have tried running disk utility, verifying, and repairing any discrepancies. Help Thank You

Macbook, Mac OS X (10.5.1)
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