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Hi guys.


Here's the story.


I had an Unlocked iPhone 4, bought in Brazil and using a brazilian carrier, till recently, and both iMessage and Facetime worked normally, using my apple ID or my phone number.


After I was robbed, I got an iPhone 4S, factory unlocked, bought in the United States, and started using it with my brazilian carrier sim.


I restored my iPhone 4 backup, to maintain all my notes, calendar, photos, etc.


But now I noticed that facetime and imessage are not working with my phone number. They just keep shoping the message "Waiting for activation" or something like that, with my phone status as "Verifying".


I tried removing and re-inserting the sim, rebooting the phone, activating and deactivating imessage and facetime, but they just won't verify my number...


Also, when I check my phone on iTunes, the "Phone Number" field states "N/A". With my former phone the number would show on the iTunes screen.


Can someone help me? I am running on iOS 5.0.1., no jailbreak and using my brazilian Apple ID.


Hope someone can help, I tried several online tutorials, such as the timezone one, or the DNS router, and none worked.



iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1