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Hi all,

When I play music or otherwise interact with itunes after it's been started my computer changes it's theme/display to the windows basic theme.
This only started happeneing a couple weeks ago and i'm fairly sure I'm not the reason it started. I also loose fps while it's in it's default theme like this which is kinda annoying.


Lastly when I close itunes, it reverts to it's normal configuration.


Does anyone know a fix or have any other similar issues?

Windows 7
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    That's reminiscent of compatibility mode problems ... although with one of those, I'd have expected the color scheme to have changed when you launched itunes, not later on.


    Try the following document, only be sure that none of the boxes in the compatibility mode tab are checked (not just the compatibility mode box itself):


    iTunes for Windows: How to turn off Compatibility Mode

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    Thanks for the reply b noir,


    I followed the instructions to the letter but so far nothing has changed. I also tried unchecking all boxes in the Compatibility Mode tab but i'm still unsuccessful.


    I also double checked and confirmed that the visual theme of windows is only affected when I double click a song (or otherwise play a song) and not just by launching itunes. I can change playlists, go to movies/music whatever but as soon as music starts playing the problem occurs.


    Here is the message I recieve when I play music and the theme is changed:



    It's also worth noting that stopping or pausing a song doesn't revert windows back to it's normal theme, only closing itunes all together does that.

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    What comes up when you click the "Why are some visual elements being automatically turned off?" link?


    (Hoping that that might give us a heads up on what's going on.)

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    Hello, I ran into the same problem as well as the error "A required Itunes component is not installed -42404". I found this disscusion (https://discussions.apple.com/thread/3512350?start=0&tstart=0) which offered the option to do a complete uninstall/reinstall following these instructions --> http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1923. This solved both problems. Hopefully this helps you if you haven't yet solved it... or at least anyone that ends up here like I did looking for an answer. Btw, thanks b noir.