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I have just switched to a new laptop, running Windows 7 and have freshly installed iTunes.


All of my music and podcasts are held on an external HDD, which I have added to the library.  All music and pods are listed, and all play in iTunes without problem.  I have successfully refreshed the podcasts, which added another 20 episodes.


In short, everything is going fine in iTunes.



Now to the iPhone, which I plugged in, authorised and synced.


That wiped all the apps and re-added them, but no music or podcasts were synced.



The Sync Music and Sync Podcasts boxes are ticked, and in both and I syncing only selected items (my library is around 130Gb in total).  When I tick an additional items, the Apply/Revert buttons appear and when I apply, the sync process starts, with steps 1 to 5, all of which relate to apps only (waiting, preparing, determining, [unknown], waiting)


The Capicty graphic at the foot of the summary page shows 0.19Gb for music.  If I tick an additional item in music, it shoots up to the full amount of music that I have ticked (3.9Gb), but when I sync and it goes through the five steps of syncing apps, it drops back down to 0.19Gb



On the iPhone summary page none of the options are ticked (eg sync this phone over wifi)


I have uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes




In iTunes, in Devices, where my iPhone is shown, i can click on the arrow on the left to drop down a submenu which shows Music, Films, TV Programmes.  If I click on music it lists all of the music which *should* be on my iPhone, but they are all greyed out and have sync icons next to them.



It is as if I have a secret setting call 'whatever happens, don't transfer any music to the iPhone'



Any ideas how to fix this?





iPhone 4S, Windows 7