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I have problem with capturing into FCE footage from DV  - using small canon 2000x camera. I am taking it into external drive. This has been happening at times before, but not to the extent with the present tape. Where is the problem? I tried to unclick "abort capture on dropped frames" - it does not make any difference.Please help

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.2), Final Cut Express
  • MartinR Level 6 (14,870 points)

    First, I don't believe there is a Canon 2000x model.  That sounds like Canon's digital "zoom factor" on the FS-series, DC-series and other camcorders.  What are you using ... an FS10, FS100, other model?


    Second, are you using an external FW drive?  If so, that's the reason you are getting interruptions.  If you are using a camcorder with FW connection (usually a miniDV camcorder, especially Canons) then you really have to connect ONLY the camcorder to your Mac, and capture to your internal drive.  Don't daisy-chain the camera with an external FW drive - that's the source of lots of capturing problems.


    Third, your profile indicates you are using FCE on Lion (10.7.2) ... FCE is not supported on Lion.  Was FCE already installed on your Mac before you upgraded to Lion?  That could also be a source of capture problems.

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    Thank you Martin

    Canon ZR 960 - sorry about that.

    Not sure what FW stands for - my external is Iomega  BlackBelt 1TB (bougt it in Apple store-so I expecte it is compatible with iMac). I have been using it thoroughly and had only some minor problems previously. I am videomaker and my projects are usually 1 hour plus long.

    You suggest I go to iMac directly - but I need too much memory for my projects? So how would I transfer finished project to external in order to keep it then?Thank you Nada


    And yes I am on Lion 10.7.2

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    Right (control) click the firewire drive icon on your Desktop and select Get Info, this will give you the formatting info.

    It should be Mac OS Extended?


    Once the files are captured on you system drive copy them to your external and re-connect the files using FCE.

    Confirm the files work from the external before deleting the ones on your system drive.


    BTW: FCE and Lion will likely cause some trouble (not supported), users experience varied issues from mostly works to not at all.



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    Thank you Al


    It is correct  Mac OS Extended?


    Your advise re capture on system and then transfer worked miracles. There was not one interruption and I was able to save it on my external drive.


    I had FCE installed before Lion, so I have not noticed any trouble - others than what I am checking with you now.


    Thank you very much.



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    Back to the last reply,

    two questions


    1.Now that I captured footage into my hard drive and I saved it on my external = they work, yes, HOW do I remove the footage from HD?


    2. Parts of my footage need some audio adjustment - to remove background air condition buzz. I have access to a sound man with protools who thinks he could try to remove it. Is it possible for me to give him JUST the audio? And if yes - how would I put it from camera to a cd?


    Thanks Nada

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    1. Which hard drive?

    I assume you mean your system drive and not the external.

    Default file path: Macintosh HD>Users>Home>Documents>Final Cut Express Documents>Capture Scratch. Select the required files and Trash them.


    The link will help with "test before your trash."



    2. You could use the audio filters in FCE??

    Or export from FCE as Quicktime movie, self-contained audio only.

    Save the file to whatever medium you like.



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    Thanks Al, It was helpful to a point I went this way:


    Macintosh HD>Users>Home>Documents>Final Cut Express Documents>Capture Scratch.


    When I get to >>Final Cut Express Documents<< the next choices are "Thumbnail cache" file OR "Auto save"


    I don't see "Capture Scratch". In "auto save" there are things I never had a clue were saved.


    I just clicked  to see - on "Laury" =the present project - saved and closed it in fear of doing something to it. BUT when I went on my external where I am working on this project - to continue with work, some of the clips showed "red" - like missing. What have I done?


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    My capture scatch folders are in Users>Documents> Final Cut Express Documents>Capture Scratch, and also stand alone folders, as Capture Scratch. When you move your project from the internal disk to the external disk unless you bring the capture scratch files for that project it will remain on the internal disk. You may have to reconnect to the project.

  • Alchroma Level 6 (18,260 points)

    Go to Final Cut Express>System Settings Disc Tab.

    What info is in the top line, the the right of SET?


    BTW: The stuff in the Auto Save are Project files that are saved automatically by FCE, default is every 30 mins.

    Any one can be opened to the time stamp of the project. The numbers are basically dates and times.



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    Thank you Al,


    >Go to Final Cut Express>System Settings Disc Tab.<It says 737.8 GB on Macintosh HD Applications Akira


    Akira is the name of project that I uploaded (almost 8 hours) directly to HD

    Previously when I was going through external drive I would put click on the name ofmy externaldrive there ("NADA's") there.


    I have more questions inreference to Roy's post, I will post separatelly.


    Thank you -looking forward to see your answer.


    Imight notbe ableto respond immediately - but I appreciate every word you say.



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    Thank you Roy, I have some questions - need to get this clear.


    Because my projects are big, I started to upload them into external drive. As you probebly saw in discussion above, I had trouble capturing into external and and am advised to capture into HD. This really helped. There are no interruptions.


    i have some confusion regarding where the capture goes and what results from it.This questions are related to "economy" of available memory space and avoiding interruptions that HD or extrenal drive might cause.


    - I capture footage into HD - do I also edit this project in FCE HD - or I take all footage immediately (before editing) into external drive and do the work there. I add a lot of things to my project like music, photos, text  and clips. if i take it to external drive and edit there - the auto save on FCE will double 'saved' work into HD AND external? Right?


    IF I keep it in HD till the end - in order to free the space on HD and want to save the project -  I want to "save it or transfer it " onto external drive.


    This part of the process is not clear to me - what do I pull out of HD, so that the entire work is saved / nothing lost when I remove it from HD?


    I hope this long explanation makes sense to you. I value all that you might say. As I mentioned to Al, I might not respond to your help immediately, but I hope to learn something new.


    Thank you


  • Roy Bercaw Level 1 (70 points)

    Previous posts suggest FCE has problems with Lion and with Canon camcorders. Don't know if either is a cause of your difficulties. FCE places your captured footage where you tell it. See system preferences where you define the scratch video capture disk. If you were capturing to the external disk you had to change the preferences in order for it to go to the system disk. Wherever you defined the capture to go to there will be a capture scratch folder where the footage is. When you move the project to the external disk the capture scratch footage remains on the internal disk, or wherever you have it. If you are concerned about space on your system disk you can copy the capture scratch folder for the project and put it on the external disk or wherever your project is. If FCE project cannot find the footage you reconnect it to the project. It is now on the same disk and connected. After you verify that the project connects to the footage you can delete the capture scratch folder for that project on the system disk.

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    "Go to Final Cut Express>System Settings Disc Tab.<It says 737.8 GB on Macintosh HD Applications Akira"

    HD in your posts refer to your System Drive as opposed to the external called Nada's??


    Your Scratch disc is your system drive and you should change it to the External.


    Simply copy your files from the system drive to the external and make sure FCE can read the project correctly before trashing your system drive (HD) files.


    FCE is non-destructive meaning files names in the Browser are not the real media files but pointers (file paths) linking the name in the Browser to the real media file that is on your Hard Drive wherever it is located, system or external drive.

    When you import a file into FCE using File>Import the actual media file is NOT IMPORTED, what is created is a file path linking the Name in the Browser to the real media on the designated Scratch Disc.


    Changing the name of the real media file, through the Finder, will result in FCE loosing the file path resulting in Off Line red slashes.

    This is why names should ONLY be changed within the FCE Browser so the file path is not broken.



  • canadanada Level 1 (0 points)

    Thank you. I learned a lot from your post. I'll be a bit more "courageous" and sort all of this out.


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