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it is almost a week I'm trying to understand how to get daily report from our iTunes U Public .


Finally I could do it .

With great surprise I found that in 30 days site has been accessed just a couple of times and  by the iTunes U administrator only; Apple weekly xls reports show hundreds of access instead.


  To understand better what's wrong I've retrieved the XML data for the entire iTunes U site, and I've found that the site structure does not correspond to our actual Tunes U site; what is reported by the xml is the original  iTunes U site structure just after the first activation !!!    

   Just to calrify we received the famous Apple iTunes U "Welcome" mail on 9 March 2011, then we immediately activated our site; after a couple of minutes we received an automatic reply mail with confirmation that our new iTunes U site has been activated and "...Apple successfully copied your current iTunes U public site content to your new iTunes U Public Site Manager site...".  At that time we did not have added any content in the iTunes U site.


From that point on we used the iTunes U Public Site Manager to create and to manage our site. Always.


To get the daily reports and the XML file I've used the site credentials we received after the fist activation(Site URL, Debug Suffix, Shared Secret, Administrator Credentials). It looks like that credentials and URL access a different  iTunes Site.


We do not run  iTunes U Apple hosted content.


As you can see my final goal is to get daily report in order to better understand our iTunes U site access, but I would like to know

if I'm doing something wrong or the daily report for public site is no more available


Sorry for the very long post, but I did not found a better way to describe it.


Any help or suggestion is very appreciated.



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    Find the  solution by myself.


      There are two iTunes U sites with different credentials: one is the original  iTunes U Public  before first activation and another created automatically by the activation process. The last is the actual iTunes U Public site

    managed by iTunes U Public Site Manger. The difference is the domain name of the site: if I  sign in using my domain name with "-dz" added at the the end, I can access the actual credentials (Site URL, Debug Suffix, Shared Secret, Administrator Credentials) that differs completely by the ones of the original iTunes site.

    No where I found information about that, neither I've received any notification mail about the domain name change after the site activation process.


      Hope that can help.