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Within my iTunes library folder (My music>iTunes) I have 2 apparently similar subfolders; ITunes Media and iTunes Music.

The first one: - iTUnes Media contains the following subfolders: Automatically Add to iTunes; Books; Mobile Applications; Movies; Music and Podcasts.

The second one: - iTunes Music contains the following subfolders: Apple Inc-; Downloads; Mobile Applications and Music.

Also, I have two Apple devices that I usually Sync: one iPad and one iPod Touch.

To me, it seems that iTunes Media works for the iPad while iTunes Music works for iPod Touch, because the "Mobile Applications" folders contain the respective device's programs. However, I am not entirely sure.

But the folders "Music" contain the same musics in both subfolders: iTunes Media and iTunes Music. So, my question is: can I delete one of the "Music" subfolders to avert (unnecessary) duplication of files which takes a lot of disk space? And if Yes, which one shall I delete?

Your answers would be most wlecomed.

Thank you.

iPad, Windows 7