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Hey there,


I just started using the 6.0 version of the AirPort utility.  It's fancy with pictures and all . . . but . . .


How do I get to a list of the DHCP clients?  It eludes me.  In the last version (5.6 I believe), I would select my main AirPort and get into the client table in its settings.  Now, though, I see a list of the DHCP addresses in use, but it's not listing them all, nor do I see the one that usually gives me trouble.


It looks like my AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule are both running firmware version 7.6; it looks like I can update that but I haven't wanted to disrupt the network yet.


I have a D-Link wireless camera connected which points at the dog kennel outside; whenever I mess with the network it gets a new IP address.  I'm accustomed to looking in the table to find where it is, but now it appears I have no table.


Should I revert to 5.6 for that information?  I can't find anything in the Help data on DHCP clients.


Thanks.  I'm sure the answer is easy, I just can't seem to figure it out.



AirPort Extreme 802.11n (2nd Gen), Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    Should I revert to 5.6 for that information?  I can't find anything in the Help data on DHCP clients.


    I believe that is the only way Stuart.


    5.6 was released concurrently with 6.0. I think it is a mistake for Apple to consider 6.0.0 as a replacement for its predecessor 5.5.3 since some of its functions appear to be missing.


    I recommend keeping both 5.6 and 6.0.

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    If you need:

    • IPv6
    • IPv6 Firewall
    • Logs (what's going on with my router?)
    • DHCP table (who's connected to my router?)
    • SNMP (notify me if my router misbehaves)

    You will need the 5.6 utility, which happily runs along aside the 6.0 utility and will allow you to configure the settings hidden by the 6.0 utility.


    Regarding the D-Link wireless camera I suggest you go into DHCP settings (it's in both the 5.6 and 6.0 utilities) and create a DHCP reservation for it.  That will allow you to fix the IP address for your camera by "MAC address" (MAC standing for media access control not macintosh in this case) so that it doesn't change.

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    Immediately after installing Airport Utility 6.0 I discovered the DHCP client table was missing.  I did a support call and they acknowleged that the feature was not carried forward-a big disapointmnet for me, since I just scrapped my old router based on the Aiprot's ability to correctly resolve device names.  I reinstalled 5.6, but am now getting errors from Time Machine which now refuses to back up.  Not sure if its related, but Apple needs to stop making changes that REDUCE functionality that is crucial to keeping networks running!

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    As a follow up, Airport Utility 5.6 does run quite well alongside 6.0-not sure why my Time Capsule had an issue, but I suspect it was unrelated as functionality restored on its own.  Would be nice if the Apple engineers added features from 5.6 back into the 6.0 version!

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    I still can't figure out what the deal is with my Time Capsule.  It will occasionally (maybe every 3 days or so) lose its connection to the network and get a yellow light.  If I reboot the main AirPort Extreme, the connection is re-established.


    At least now I have an IP reservation for it, so I can always just pull up the camera without having to search for its IP address, but the fact that the network breaks up every so often is quite annoying.


    Any ideas?  I guess I could start a new thread about My Time Capsule Loses Its Mind, Help, but this discussion seems like the right place.



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    What is your internet connection?  My Verizon DSL cuts out for a few seconds after every call disconnects-only actual calls!  Requires a full reset of the time capsule internet connection.  Very frustrating.  Only took about ten years to figure out. 

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    It frustrated me for months this DHCP clients table missing. I want to go back to previous version but not sure where to download it from. I will search and search.


    I left feedabck to www.apple.com/feedaback

    If you guys want to have a feature back, write your feedback there. On the phone I was told by Apple representative that possible the feature was taken out for lack of interest ?!?!? Go figure...

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    I have the same issue. I'm using Airport Utility 6.1 on my Mac running Mountain Lion (10.8.2)

    Reading these posts, i decided to install an older version of Airport Utility so i could get the DHCP table again.


    However, the older version cannot be installed when running Mountain Lion, since it is not supported.


    Does anyone have a solution for this problem?

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    Twan30 wrote:


    Does anyone have a solution for this problem?


    See this post.

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    Thanks John, this solved my problem!

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    I solved in this mode, for view the list of DHCP clients and more information open your AirPort utility (i have the version 6.3) and double click on icon of your AirPort base with pressing the ALT key on your keyboard at same time.

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    This only displays wireless clients, not any Ethernet connected clients.