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I was excited about receiving delivery of my Led Cinema Display screen today. I am a screenwriter and spend all day toiling in front of my Macbook Pro, so decided to invest in this stunning-looking screen. A big plus for me was the inbuilt magsafe connector.


After spending one day working on it, I am really disappointed in the product. My eyes ACHE. Additionally I have discovered that there is a bug -- as detailed on another thread -- the screen will flicker on low brightness when connected to a macbook pro in clamshell mode.


Maybe if it cost £300 I'd give it the benefit of the doubt. But not at £899.


Would really appreciate some suggestions on a replacement screen because this one is going back to Apple first thing tomorrow. Shame because it looks great.


My needs: 24 inch screen. Mainly for wordprocessing and surfing. Needs to be able to view two pages side by side, comfortably.

Cost: under £300





LED Cinema Display (27-inch), Mac OS X (10.6.8)