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  • icebox212 Level 1 Level 1

    Hey, I use an app called Boom. It increases the sound for ANYTHING. If you have a registered account it can even boost individual music files. But you don't need to register. I LOVE it and recommend it. I hope this helps anyone.

  • kchilds Level 1 Level 1

    Seriously dude? I am a DJ and graphic designer and the macbook pro is my _only_ computer. That's because it's powerful and portable and I don't _need_ another machine. Yes, when listening or writing music at home I plug into the sound system, but laptops are made for TRAVEL. In the hotel room I like to put on some music. I also like to be able to hear the music through iTunes when choosing tracks for the club/party without needing headphones. When laying in bed at night I like to watch movies or hulu. Occasionally I also watch YouTube (esoteric of me, I know). I also like to be able to hear said movies, music, hulu and YouTube.


    Why are naysayers on this thread being so snooty? The poor guy wants to know if there is a way to make the speakers louder. How about holding the criticism and contribute something useful? You guys expect people to carry external speakers with them everywhere they go because the computer isn't supposed to make any noises other than simple alert sounds? And that's reasonable to you?


    I found this thread because I just upgraded to the retina macbook pro from the original intel macbook pro and the volume is WAY lower than the old ones. The volume on the retina all the way up is the same as 1/3 on the original intel machine. If my window (because it's _crazy_ hot outside) is open, while watching a movie at full volume I can barely hear it. God forbid the fan should be on. I have to pull the computer up on my stomach instead of having it on the stand at the foot of my bed. To me this is unacceptable and I'm not going to buy external usb speakers and carry them around with me when laptops are meant to be able to do the simple everyday things like this.


    Having such great volume (and surprisingly good bass response for such little speakers) in my old macbook, I expected the new ones to at least carry the same quality. I have to say, I'm a little disappointed in apple for this. For $3000 they should have at least made these speakers loud enough to play videos at a reasonable volume.


    ...stepping off my soapbox now. i'm off to find some hacks... or maybe 3rd party hardware i can swap these dinky things out with. sigh.

  • Hollywood S-2B Level 1 Level 1

    Hasn't anybody ever heard of Hear?  Its UHhhhhhhmazing.


  • kchilds Level 1 Level 1

    i found Boom last night. works like a charm and only cost $7! you can download straight from the apple store.


    watching hulu last night i had to turn the volume down because it was too loud! w00t!


  • Jamesssss Level 1 Level 1

    Hi I have a Macbbok Pro as well, if you are wanting to boost audio in videos best solution is to use VLC which allows you to raise the volume to 400% ( itunes caps at 100% which is too low for most videos)


    I find that for music I dont have that much problem, hope that helps

  • kchilds Level 1 Level 1

    VLC will only effect movies, though. If you are trying to watch YouTube, Hulu, Netflix or listen to iTunes, Skype, Google video chat, etc, you're still it the same boat.


    People need a system-wide solution and Boom is just that.

  • Abhi2002 Level 1 Level 1

    May be it is a late reply but if anyone is not aware yet, there is a app called boom that internally boosts the volume in a macbook. I tried it and it works really well.

    you may try it free and see if you find it worth £7..

  • mooblie Level 4 Level 4

    Once again: this is NOT the place to discuss a MacBook Pro.

  • Princess Sanju Level 1 Level 1

    There are three buttons on the top row of the Keyboard the one that is three away from the top right row is mute. The one two away with one curve from the speaker is volume down. The one next to the top right is to put it louder. I hope this helped... Sorry if it didn't

  • Harlan Johnson Level 1 Level 1

    You have to pay for Boom and Hear.  I'm surprised that in the whole world I haven't found a simple user-friendly software answer to the question of how I can increase the volume on anything I play on my MacBook Pro. Is anyone out there able to point the way to a freeware answer to this simple problem, that the MacBook Pro's sound is limited so some times you need to make it lowder, and it would be nice to do so without having to pay more money.

  • Grant Bennet-Alder Level 9 Level 9

    The usual solution is that if it is not loud enough, plug in headphones.

  • Harlan Johnson Level 1 Level 1

    Obviously!  I'm not asking about headphones or external speakers.  I asked about FREEWARE!

    Does NO ONE know of a freeware solution to this problem - knowing there are already two software solutions that cost money? 

  • Matt Clifton Level 7 Level 7

    Don't be obnoxious. Every computer has a limited volume range, and you can only increase it through the use of speakers - earphones or external speakers. This is no different on the Macbook Pro than it would be on any other computer - Mac or PC.



  • Harlan Johnson Level 1 Level 1

    I guess I'm not being very polite.  I am really frustrated!  It is a fact that there are two apps you can purchase that WILL boost the volume in the internal speakers.  So I don't understand why you said that "you can only increase it through the use of speakers - earphones or external speakers."  I'm feeling very frustrated that no one has responded to my request for information about a freeware app that would do the same thing - increasing the volume - that is accomplished by "Boom" and "hear." Google them.  Show me that I'm mistaken.  I don't think my request is being heard - or understood.  I don't know how to make it any clearer.

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    He's not being obnoxious, he's simply asking for the speakers to actually work – a reasonable enough request when you spend $3k on a computer that has speakers capable of handling much more than the software allows.


    I'm beginning to wonder if the people who are giving the *actual* obnoxious answers ("plugging in headphones" is not a useful answer) fully realize how quiet these actually are. It's SO quiet at full volume that you have to have your head within 3 feet in order to hear it at all. Period. I work in the pro audio business, know this technology and can tell you it's absurd. When Windows is able to run on the same machine, with the same hardware, and play volume at a reasonable level for a laptop that tells us that it's not the speakers, it's the OS driving the speakers.


    Matt and others: No one is asking for their laptop to magically morph into a full-range dual 18" sound system.

    Of course, if you want loud, clear and bumpin' audio, you need to plug into external speakers. It would be nice, however, to watch a movie at home in the privacy of your quiet bedroom without needing to keep it on your stomach or next to your head the entire time. I should be able to put the laptop on the end table or at the foot of the bed without having to plug it into a pair of speakers just to make out what people are saying. This is NOT like any other computer I've ever owned – Mac or PC. The 17" Macbook Pro I just upgrade from was 5x louder than this computer. The first gen Powerbook was at least 4x louder. The issue most definately lies within this specific model.


    And Harlan, I agree we shouldn't have to pay extra (from a 3rd party no less) to get a computer this expensive to work properly. Unfortunately, though, I do not know of any freeware that does the job, so consider just eating the $7. It's totally worth it.


    Are you listening, Apple? You're slippin'. I use your product for the software; the sexy industrial desgin is just icing on the cake and if you can't keep up with Windows on simple stuff like this you're in trouble. You have decent speakers in this laptop. Let us use them.

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