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Is there an official (or unofficial) Apple Remote Desktop app for iPad or iPhone that allows you to do some of the basic functions that can be done with Apple Remote Desktop for Mac OX?



I am a teacher and need to monitor student MacBook screens, but I don't want to have to sit at my desk to do it. Movement is key to classroom management, and I would like to be able to watch student screens (and accomplish some of the things listed below) from my iPad while moving among students.



Examples of what I want to do from my iPad:

  • Observe multiple MacBook screens at once
  • Observe (and control, but at least observe) individual MacBook screens
  • Lock screens
  • Message (or chat with) users


I can think of a host of other things I'd like it to do, but this is the bare minimum. I'm pretty sure the official Apple Remote Desktop doesn't offer such an iPad app, but is there an alternative? Or plans for releasing such an app? It's honestly surprising one doesn't exist already, given how useful it would be.


My Current Workaround:

I'm using a remote desktop app (Splashtop HD) on my iPad to monitor my MacBook Pro, which is the computer running Apple Remote Desktop to monitor my students' MacBook screens. Obviously this is not ideal, since it's laggy and requires connecting to the computer connecting to the computers. Just saying it sounds ridiculous.

iPad 2, iOS 5.0.1, Same Program, Ported to iPad
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    Since I have had a lot of views and no responses, could those of you who know it isn't possible just tell me so? Is it being considered? Am I alone in wanting such an app? Give me something to go on, please.

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    ". . . give me something to go on, please"


    I can only offer you my opinion as no-one on these forums is likely to know. We are all users just like you and no-one from Apple is likely to respond. The Forums ToUs are clear about Apple's participation.


    ". . . could those of you who know it isn't possible just tell me so?"


    I personally think this is not possible at this moment in time. That does not mean it won't be at some time in the future. Only Apple really knows and they're not saying anything anyway which is their usual position. They'll let everyone know when they are ready and not before. This has always been the case.


    ". . . Is it being considered? Am I alone in wanting such an app?"


    I would like to think it is and no I don't think you're alone. Again I - or anyone else - is unlikely to know. ARD has been around for a long time without any real change being made. As we know other Apple technologies in comparison have changed a lot. Apart from point updates it's stayed essentially the same for years. There have been many that have made their wishes known for an ARD version 4 and they've provided feedback on Apple's site. Perhaps you should do the same?



    Apart from the App you've mentioned there are about half-a-dozen other Apps available on the iTunes App Store. None of these - as best as I can make out - do anything more than what you're already using.





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    Thanks. I suspected most of that, but needed a confirmation.

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    Set up screen sharing on each computer and run VNC on your iPad. You will not be able to see multiple screens at the same time, but you should be able to move into and take control of machines as you wish.


    Won't do the messaging directly. Could you use notes widgit ?



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    I am also a teacher, in my school we use a management and monitoring package called Impero. You have to have a server and client apps installed on all the pcs or macs at the school, but it gives you a control console on your workstation and there is an ipad app.

    It really is good software, although it is something the network manager would need to buy for the whole school.

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    Have you tried TeamViewer?  I use it to access PCs and Macs from iPads and iPhones, although iPhones are far too small to use.  Works flawlessly.

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    Came here with the same question (sort of).


    Glad to see the accepted answer has been improved upon.


    I agree it would be great to see ADR work with an iPad, and I disagree that ADR hasn't improved dramatically over time (people have short memories, and Apple does move slowly and deliberately sometimes so change can be slow, but deliberate).


    I am sure there are many options, some listed above, and I'll try to remember come back when I find more.


    Best of luck.



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    I should add, go by a Genius Bar and put them to work on it. The best of them love a unique challenge, but beware they sometimes have to tow the party line. But if you steal a half hour of their time, you might get Apple's attention with your request.



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    Just an idea - I know the Apple Remote Desktop is handy and usefull, but for a workaround you could also install the Splashtop Server on each of your students computers and not go through your own machine.


    I would also think about upgrading your network. I am personally also using Splashtop (a lot) and I am a huge fan of their performance.

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    Hello, you can install LogMeIn Free on the iMacs and then purchase LogMeIn Ignition on your iPad.


    Hope this helps.

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    I use LanSchool ( It requires a small client on the students' machine and a teacher client on the teacher machine. It works on almost any computer and provides monitoring, control, and anything else. I use it to start/stop machines, run updates, collect files, etc.


    It even has a free trial version to testout.


    Professor Um

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    Best solution is Netsupport School.  If you are an Ontario School, it is already paid for on your PC and tablet.  it is OESS licensed.  However, I am in the process of inquiring about Mac OS X.  Hope this helps.

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    An ARD app for iPad does not exist, but an alternative solution is quite simple.


    On your Mac(s), go to System Preferences->Sharing->Remote Management->Computer Settings, enable "VNC viewers may control screen with password", type in a password, click OK, and you're done on the Mac.


    On your iPad, download VNC Viewer, add a connection, type in the password from above, log in to Mac, and you're now connected.



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    Okay, but how do I 'dowload VNC viewer'? What's a good option?

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