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I am looking at buying the latest iPod nano, I don't like the standard cable headphones, they get in the way, fall out, get tangled and get pulled out of your ears.

Does the latest model come with Bluetooth connectivity?

thank you.

iPod nano
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the latest iPod nano hasnt Bluetooth. You can buy a Bluetooth Earphones pack with earphones and a Bluetooth transmitter.

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i10s Bluetooth adapter ($45) - Since the iPod nano 6G doesn’t have Bluetooth, a dongle is your only option. While dozens of choices exist, the i10s BT adapter is the smallest of the lot. When you’re rocking the world’s smallest iPod, you don’t want a big horsey adapter jutting out of the side. At about two-thirds the size of Sony’s BT adapter, the i10s is the perfect fit. The i10s is zero-config and auto-pairs when it’s powered up.



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