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I'm having big troubles with my Itunes, and more exactly with apple mobile device support.

I tried to uninstall every programmes of itunes (itunes, quick-time, apple mobile, bonjour...) to reinstall it.

I can't uninstall apple mobile device support. It won't disappear from the "programmes and applications". And the option "repair" doesn't work also. And every time i try to reinstall itunes it failed because of apple mobile device installation.


When i'm on my desk, the service apple mobile device is stopped, and when i try to start it, the computer can't reach access, and said something like "error 1053" or "can't access to sthe service". So i think that Apple mobile device support is the key of the problem, but i don't know how to fix it.


I'm a bit desperate because i didn't found anywhere some solutions, so if someone has, i will be very very grateful.


Thanks You

Windows 7
  • El-Bob Level 1 (0 points)

    I want to add that i tried with "windows installer cleanup utility" to uninstall apple mobile device. And the result is that apple mobile device disappear from the "apllications and programmes" menu, but the service still exists. So it failed to uninstall.


    Please if someone had any idea how to help me


    Thank you

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    Use the free Revo Uninstaller(download from link beow) to completely remove AMDS and all iTunes related programs.;1


    Download iTunes from here: and install

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    I can't uninstall apple mobile device support. It won't disappear from the "programmes and applications".


    What error message were you getting when you were trying to uninstall AMDS?

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    i have the same problem and when i try to uninstall AMDS the green bar with the progress loads and then for some random reason, goes backwards and undoes the uninstallation


    i have tried very hard to remove all appl applications from the laptop so i can reinstall itunes but nothing will work, i have tried downloading the revo uninstaller but the uninstaller also had an error when i tried to use it to uninstall AMDS

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    i tried using revo uninstaller to remove it but to no effect so used pro uninstaller 11 - removed traces from registry as well as uninstalling AMDS . Also helps if you remove all traces of apple progs/files from pc/laptop inc registry files before re installing i tunes ,i did this and all is well.

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    Could you tell me if Pro uninstaller 11 is the same PCtools Spyware Doctor? I try to find Pro Unistaller 11 but always go to Pctools. Thanks

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    the revo and also in combination with this helped me to fix this entire issue. just took a while to figure that out

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    hey dude, did you find out any solution to fix this problem? im getting the exact same problem now ,

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    I had the same problem as everyone on this post in that I would try to uninstall the Apple Mobile Device Support over and over and it wouldn't go away.  I finally got rid of it.


    I uninstalled all the apple products, including iTunes, Bonjour, and Quicktime.  After I uninstalled them, the Apple Mobile Device Support was no longer in the Programs and Features list.

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    I've had the same issue on Windows 7 64-bit. iTunes wanted to upgrade itself but couldn't because it failed to start the Apple Mobile Device service and it ended up trashing the original installation.  I uninstalled all Apple software but still theApple Mobile Device service was present in Add/Remove programs and attempts to uninstall it just ended up with the progress bar going backwards.


    I eventually chose to "Repair" the install (right click on it and choose this option in Add/Remove programs).  It still came up with the error (twice) saying it couldn't start the Apple Mobile Device service but I clicked Ignore both times.  When this was complete I could then uninstall it and finally I was able to re-install iTunes.

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    This worked for me.  thanks

  • steveb75 Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks pabramley it worked for me

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    Others might find this process useful for issues with iTunes



    Go to Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs (Win XP) or Programs and Features (later)


    Remove all of these items in the following order:

    • iTunes
    • Apple Software Update
    • Apple Mobile Device Support (if this won't uninstall move on to the next item)
    • Bonjour
    • Apple Application Support


    Reboot, download iTunes, then reinstall, either using an account with administrative rights, or right-clicking the downloaded installer and selecting Run as Administrator.




    The uninstall and reinstall process will preserve your iTunes library and settings, but ideally you would back up the library and your other important personal documents and data on a regular basis. See this user tip for a suggested technique.




    Please note:

    Some users may need to follow all the steps in whichever of the following support documents applies to their system. These include some additional manual file and folder deletions not mentioned above.

    HT1925: Removing and Reinstalling iTunes for Windows XP

    HT1923: Removing and reinstalling iTunes for Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8




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    Worked for me, dude.  thanks a whole lot!

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