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I cannot find this information on Apples website! The only HT document there just deals with NEW devices only! What about us users that already have a device?

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    Yes, the HT article is confusing.  Basically, you can't restore just one or a few items from a backup.  It's all or nothing.  With app data, like Pages files stored in iCloud, if the file is deleted from the device, then it's also deleted from iCloud.  For the rest of the backup data (photos in the camera roll, contacts, etc.) you have to wipe your device.  To reset your device, under General, choose Reset, and then Erase All Content and Settings. Your device will be restored to factory conditions and you will be prompted to set it up as a new device, restore from an iTunes backup or restore from iCloud.

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    What is the purpose of App Data backup storage on iCloud if it cannot be restored? It is neither synchronized accross devices nor saved for retrieval after a device reset? Madness or what?

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    exactly!!!!  I had to replace phone cuz speakers quit working - I backed up in the cloud and on iTunes prior to restore - the cloud restore took 19 hours for 15 gb and timed out twice so I had to start over - the iTunes backup gave me an error message saying it was not compatible with the phone that created it..... I finally got 80% of my stuff back but NO 3rd party app data  - this is a HUGE issue for me as I had lots of stuff in those apps.   Anybody wanna take a shot as I'm constructing my letter to the big shots now as none of the applecare or the genius's can give me a straight answer.

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    God..There is no point of icloud if I can't restore the data that is precious to me..And moreover what's the point in backing it up?? I'm trying from almost 20 hours and startedover it 4 times coz it failed...this is so embaressing. Expecting a fix from apple...:(

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    The "not compatible" message is probably due to iOS versions.  The version of iOS used on the device which is restoring a backup must be the same or newer than the iOS on the device that produced the backup.

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    The Point is restoring indivial 3rd Party data I took backup to the Cloud..I trusted the Iclould and Litarally I'm in a situation that I'm almost lost..I don't even have backup of that data anywhere else..

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    I continue to climb up the Apple ladder and to date no one has convinced me that Icloud or itunes adequately back up what's on your phone.   I have since made alterations to all the 3rd party data applications and am only using those which have "good" customer support and host their own servers for my data. ;  I continue to work with Apple to find a solution and will keep you posted.  Also no one has touched on the issues of "not compatible" errors. So I'm still working on that one too. REALLY frustrating that NEITHER the iTunes or iCloud backup worked on a restore.