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Can anyone please point me to software that takes an mp3 file of a conversation and will generate a transcribed text file?




Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    http://www.inqscribe.com/docs/ appears to be compatible with 10.3.9 through at least 10.6.8 as it is universal binary.

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    Except Inscribe doesn't transcribe audio files, so that won't work for that the OP wants.


    I think Express Scribe from NCH Software might be the ticket for you. It runs on Mac OS X 10.3 or higher, and it's free, but there's also a Pro Edition you can buy. You might also want to try this other method to convert your Mac into a Dictaphone®.

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    I don't think Express Scribe does it either.  From the description it seems it is simply playback software controlled by a foot pedal which allows you to play back audio at various speeds while transcribing by hand (typing).


    If you're really looking for something a-la-Siri to convert what you say into text, it will require some pretty powerful voice transcription.  There's Dragon Dictate and MacSpeech Scribe (both by the same company) which seem to do this, but I don't know how lucky you're going to be finding something that works under Tiger OS.  Note: Dragon Dictate has a free version for the iPhone but definitely be sure you read the privacy statement if you're going to use it.

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    Automatic voice recognition software normally reduces the manual transcription needs. But Automatic voice recognition technology is not still matured to produce accurate transcription for non-American accents, or with people speaking quickly or multiple speakers audio files.  If you have more than one voice it is almost impossible to get a good transcript. Add to that any background noise or a weak recording and you can pretty much forget it.



    So, after automatic transcription, you have to massage this transcription into the final form. Some of the massages are


    Correct incorrectly transcribed words/phrases.

    Correct punctuation/sentence breaks.

    Define paragraph breaks.


    For automatic transcription, you can also refer






    In this scenario, better to go for manual transcription. For accurate and cost-effective manual transcription, please refer:

    Audio Transcription


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    Try this website www.speechtotextservice.com. It works well.
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    Hello KDS-KDS


    While Searching in Google you will get a long list of transcription software that is powered by market professionals.Some pf examples are:

    1. Express Scribe

    2. EureScribe

    3. InqScribe


    But according to my point of views automated software still doesn't provide accurate results to the folks speaking fast. So If you still getting any issues in using these software, then you can hire a transcribe(e.g portiva.com) to ease your work.

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    Hi KDS-KDS,

    let me introduce another piece of transcription software that you might like.

    If you do manual transcription try Transcriber-pro. Features include, but not limited to time code, automated speakers insert, unclear audio parts tagging, text replacement and interactive transcript export. You can link your transcript to YouTube video and post HTML transcript with social media buttons to web site with transcribed video. You decide the way you break your interactive transcript down to quotes( each quote is linked to a specific part of the video and has popular social media buttons so that folks watching video/reading transcript could share the quotes they liked with their friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter and Google+). They offer a 30-day trial and reasonable subscription price. Web site http://www.transcriber-pro.com/en/ 

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    II've been googling this question for weeks.  The responses below miss the question which is how to transcribe an audio file not how to dictate.  I found a YouTube showing a process using Soundflower app but Yosemite would not let me install it.