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Hoping someone here might be able to help me out with this...



I just picked up a Time Capsule and was able to set it up with no issues. My MBA and PC laptop was able to connect to it with no problem.



I had a 2TB Seagate Goflex external hard drive that I wanted to connect to the Time Capsule via the USB port and have the Seagate act as a network drive that I can read/write from any of the computers at home (4 in total).  I'm a photographer so I wanted to use the time capsule to backup my MBA and my pictures only.  I would use the Seagate for videos/docs/pics/everything else.  Seagate drive is formatted to work on both PC and Mac.



It connects fine, but I am not able to locate the Seagate on any of my computers. I am able to see it through the Airport utility and have it enabled to share in my network. However, I can't see it through my windows explorer in PC nor my Finder in MBA? Am I missing something?



I can connect the Seagate directly to my PC or MBA and it recognizes it fine, able to read/write. Only when I connect to the time capsule is when I can't find it anywhere?




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