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I am trying to find a way to add notes to texts in iBooks Author. Apparently by far the app doesn't support footnote very well, so I'm trying to add notes in Glossary (not an ideal way to do it but couldn't find a better solution).


Some notes will be quite long and some have images and audios. It seems that I can't put widget (so no images, audios, videos, and html) in the glossary entries, and it doesn't even support bookmarks and hyperlinks (otherwise I can add a "read more" link and direct readers to a certain page). This is real disappointing.


If I want readers to "read more" from the glossary, I seem to have to add an index link to the entry. But readers must tap "Glossary Index" in the pop-up note and click the link. Just not very user-friendly.


And BTW, how can I add a hyperlink to an image?

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    Same problem here. Updated to version 1.1 but still same "old" problem: it is not possible to add an hyperlink into the glossary note. in a note, clicking on the link is not opening Safari (in the iPad). Clicking the link in iBooks Author works...


    Hope Apple will fix asap.


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    Yes, I've got the same EXTREMELY disappointing problem — no hyperlinks in the Glossary.


    The most frustrating part is that it DOES actually hyperlink the text when you put in a full URL (e.g. http://multitouchbooks.com ) — I even checked the source XHTML file and saw it has the standard html <a href=""> </a> hyperlink tags — but the links simply don't work on the iPad...




    ... SURELY the lovely people at Apple could enable this feature in the next iteration of iBooks Author?????

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    BTW ... the workaround for adding a hyperlink to an image is that you place a text box over top of it with some text in it (e.g. XXXXX) and hyperlink that text to whatever you want, then change that text box's opacity to 0%.

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    As always, feel free to use the 'Provide iBooks Author Feedback' menu item for features you'd like added in the future, etc.