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I have my MacBook Laptop connected to an LCD projector. My display on the screen in front of the class is upside down, but my Laptop display is normal... how do I change it so that it is not upside down?

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    That would be an issue with the projector itself, or with third-party software.

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    However, this is happening with three different laptops and three different LCD projectors as well... It happened in three different classrooms today. none of these LCD projectors have bluetooth or networking...


    I did go to System Preferences on all three Mac laptops and check mirroring and Expose to see if I could flip the screen...but I did not see this as a choice.

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    There should be a rotation setting in the Display tab of the System Preferences > Displays pane.  Each display device has its own setting, so flipping the projector won't flip the laptop display (even if mirroring).

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    I do not see an option in System Prefrences to flip display screen...I did select fn/alt/F7 to flip the display screen, however it only displayed a screen with different background and no dock or top of the screen displays such as Finder/File/Edit/View ect...I have also gone through the menu on the LCD projector, but it settings are all correct... it must be the MacBook Laptop...I would apprectiate ANY suggestions.

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    I thought maybe a visual might be helpful to my LCD/Laptop issue

    Please see attachment.


    (No I did not flip the image of the LCD's display from the Mac Laptop.... If our students were in a yoga class this display would be helpful)

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    You cannot post an attachment. If you want to post an image, you have to click the little camera icon then choose the image file from your drive that you want to post.

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