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Hi Forum,


I started to write an AppleScript for Aperture to perform a backup. The standard backup procedures of Aperture are not quite right for me so I decided to write my own using AppleScript.


One question which arised was how I can supppress the dialog box which Aperture opens when an export could not be done because of a missing master. I want to suppress the dialog box and instead get an error returned from Aperture into AppleScript. is that possible?


Koen van Dijken

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    Hello Koen,

    have you solved your problem by now? For me the following does work:


    I does not seem to be possible to set Aperture to suppress the warning, so catching the error in a "try" clause will not help. The best option is to check, if the master image is online, before trying to export and skipping the offline images, like in this example,  see: http:/dreschler-fischer.de/scripts/ExportMastersWithoutWarning.scpt.zip


    on run {}

      -- export masters, but check it they are online before trying to export

      -- skip if not online

              set exportFolder to (choose folder with prompt "Choose an export folder")


              tell application "Aperture"

                        set imageSel to (get selection)

                        if imageSel is {} then

                                  error "Please select an image."


                                  repeat with i from 1 to count of imageSel


                                                      set onlne to get online of (item i of imageSel)

                                                      if onlne then export {item i of imageSel} naming folders with folder naming policy ¬

                                                                "Project Name" to exportFolder

                                            end try

                                  end repeat

                                  return imageSel

                        end if

              end tell

    end run




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    Thanks for your answer Leonie. I'm glad you came up with the same idea as I did in case suppressing the dialogbox was impossible. I implemented this and it works fine.