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    the sim card is not the problem. the safaricom line carrier is the problem because i have a different sim card plus all friends that i know are facing the same problem using safaricom line.

  • JamieCampbell88 Level 1 (0 points)

    That is a bugger. Possibly safaricom doesn't support iMessage functionality properly. Good luck

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    1. Go to settings, Icloud and delete account. Put your Apple id  to delete but keep content in your Iphone.

    2. Go to settings, itunes and appstore and click on your apple id and select sign out

    3. Then go to imessage, send and receive, click on your apple id and select sign out

    4.  Do the same with facetime. At this point imessage and facetime is  turned off and e-mail info and apple id are not set for  appstore,icloud,imessage and facetime.

    5. Power off your phone and wait for 10 minutes

    6.  Turn on your phone. Go to imessage and turn it on and wait for a couple  of minutes to activate. DO NOT use your apple id for imessage because  that's the reason the # does not register. After your # is ok then you  can add another e-mail and sign in your icloud and appstore account.


    Greetings from Greece

  • Radiotron Level 1 (0 points)

    I tried all kind of solutions, but it didn't work.

    I've made the time zone thing.

    I tried to restore network settings.

    I tried to restore and erase all content and set it as a new iphone.

    I tried to change the DNS number.

    I tried to reenter my phone number at the Apple ID webpage. I tried to erase it.

    I tried to turning off the wifi conexion, And I have wait 24 hours to activate. Nothing seems to work.

    I had a chat with apple support, they told me that is a software problem, that I have to call to apple's phone support, I can't do that 'cause I live in Chile, so there is no apple's phone support in my country. I thought that if is a software problem, I can downgrade the IOS to 7.0.3 or later, but I couldn't, my Iphone 5s didn't recognize that software.... i don't know why, I guess it's because we only can make an upgrade...

    The thing is that before a bought this iphone 5s, i had a Iphone4s and facetime and imessage worked perfectly on it. I bought it with the same network carrier. When I changed the phone, I restored the 4s iphone as a new one, so I don't have an Apple ID working on different iphones.


    I really don't know what to do. HELPPPPPPPPP

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    I have the same problem, Im sure you have Movistar. Movistar by this way is blocking the imessage service for commercial reasons, only for new SimCards, i try with a old movistar sim card, and the imessage work perfectly.

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    I had the same problem with Movistar.


    My iMessages and Facetime were not activating.


    What finally fixed it for me was logging out of imessages and facetime and signing on with a different account (even if this new account gave an error or not activating).

    Then signing out and signing back in with MY account (the one that was not activating initially).

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    Yes, my network carrier is Movistar. After trying many ways to fix it , I finnally gave up. I just turned off the iMessege and Facetime, from December 25th to January 13th, the past Monday I turned it on just to see what happen and It was fixed. I didn't do anything, it was fixed by it self.

    I think there is no problem with Movistar, apperently the problem is on the Apple's server on UK...

    I hope you can fix it soon!

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    For those who's imessages won't activate or keeping saying errr, it's because ye have no credit. Mine would not activate for the last few weeks and the few weeks that I put credit in, it activated instantly. Once I had no credit, it automatically turned itself off an would not activate except the odd time for my email (never my number). Now that iv credit, my imessgaes are active with my number and email. Iv an iPhone 4s

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    After doing all above + restoring iphone + changing even the sim card to make sure it is not the problem, imessages still don't activate. After 4 hours with apple support, the issue is still not resolved

  • ChristineRCox Level 1 (0 points)

    This worked like a charm....thanks all the way from the Philippines

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