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  • Meherally Level 4 (1,115 points)

    The best thing to do is to wait. It may be 45 minutes or more. But whatever else you do DO NOT FORCE QUIT or terminate this in ANY OTHER WAY. Caps are for emphasis only.


    If you do that, it can terminate the installer's background process. This type of delay or wait happens on some computers depending on what has been installed previously so your mileage of wait may vary.

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    I recommend unplugging any FW / USB connections before updating. This exact thing happened to one of my 35 users - he was the only one with a FW still connected during the SW update.


    Also use the Combo updater.

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    Mine was slighty different, in that the install bar gets close to the very end and then just stops. I left it overnight and still stuck. The only solution was to restore from backup. Does anyone know why this could be?


    So I guess we will have to wait until 10.7.4  is released :-(



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    Patience may help and solve the problem by itself. Mine was stuck for almost an hour at 95 %, but then continued the installation as expected and now seems to run fine. This is very unusual, of course, and certainly requires a warning before installation.

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    Patience you say? I think leaving it overnight is patience enough. It would be nice to understand whats causing the long pause/stall

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    I have now been waiting for nearly an hour, and I need my computer! What if it doesn't move in the next hour, or two, or three? I can't understand why they would release something like this!

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    Your only solution is to restore from backup. Hopefully you did a full backup just before trying this update.


    It looks like when Steve passed away, so did the test and validation team; or did Steve do it all?

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    Same problem on Macbook Pro (early 2011). Going through various start-up procedures with an Apple adviser - resetting parameter ram etc -- none of which remedies were successful -- we started up in Safe Mode (press Shift after the start-up tone but while the screen is still black and hold until the Apple symbol and spinning gear appear). You will have to sign in using your password after this. After start up is complete, select restart from the pull-down menu and you may find the problem is cleared, it was on mine.


    After this procedure, i find that a file named 'mach_kernel' -- which is usually invisible -- has appeared at the top level of the hard drive. This is apparently an important file and should not be moved or deleted. Quite how you restore it to its rightful--unseen--place I've yet to discover. I found one reference to it on another thread which gave a command-line instruction to use via Terminal. Didn't work though -- "command not recognised". Anyone gets to the bottom of that one I'd be pleased to hear...


    Incidentally I've discoved via a highly learned thread that no authentic Mac geek uses Software Update (the very idea!) but those in the know download the combo update and install direct thereby -- apparently -- avoiding all these horrors. Who knew?

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    I have no idea if this will help any of you but mine hung for about half an hour, but as soon as I disconnected my iPhone and my external mouse, within like 10 more minutes it changed the text to "Registering Components". I only thought to unplug my peripherals because on previous updates in Windows as well as on Macs I've had updates go fubar purely because of a peripheral. It's odd, but it's happened, and I don't really know why, but it might help some of you get through a hanging update. Just a thought!

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    I am having exact same problem and am now doing a restore from my TM backup.

    I had previously updated my iMac with no such problem, so today decided to go ahead and update MacBook.

    What a BIG mistake.

    Thank heavens for TM Backups.

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    Hope you have a Full Backup,

    Reboot and hold down Command R, this will give you multiple Choices and solutions.

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    It appears this problem only happens with Macbook Pros 

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    Mine was stuck for over 25 hours, until I called Apple and was told to hold the power button down. Since the computer wouldn't go past the apple logo after that, I had to restore from backup and lost 10 days worth of stuff...

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    Yikes not nice, yes the problem has only occurred on my MacBook.

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    The same problem happened to me... I have a MacBook Pro. I detected the problem (it stays in 95%) and pressed down power button.

    As the system didn't awke, I am now downloading Mac OS X Lion to recover installation. It will take 2h and 33min... I will post if I have this problem solved.