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I am on an iMac with the lastest everything.  Including 10.7.3.  The problem was happening before 10.7.3 also. 


I add m4v files to my iTunes library, they copy in, but I can't find them.  If I go to my iTunes Media folder, I can find them in there.  But, I just can't see them in iTunes. 


I allow iTunes to manage my library.  Not sure why things aren't showing?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
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    All of the old files are there and showing.  It's just these new ones that I am adding that won't show.  If I delete the files and try again, iTunes does't even try to copy the file in.  So, I put them back.  The files are there and iTunes thinks they are there, but it doesn't show them. 

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    The same thing is happening for me.  The strange part is that my AppleTV sees them, but iTunes just doesn't show them. Some show up in the "Recently Added" folder, but others don't.

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    I ended up restoring the iTunes .itl files from Time Machine earlier in the day yesterday. Now, things are working better. 

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    Hey, do you use iTunes Match? I was having this same problem. I tried importing a video using Add to Library. Nothing showed up in iTunes, but the Media appeared in the iTunes folder. Tried twice more, nothing. Tried a CD, same problem. Turned off iTunes Match, and suddenly the CD and THREE copies of the video appeared in my Library.  :-)


    I hope that works for you, too.



    And PS -- afterwards I turned Match back on and everything is still showing up. Of course it had to go through its scan & verify process again, but that only took a minute and everything is good now.


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    This problem affects Windows users too.  Has anyone found a fix other than recreating the library?  I went to my home server and restored a backed up ITL file but the corruption looks like it must go at least a couple weeks back and I can't resolve it.


    I tried creating a new library from scratch.  This allowed me to re-import everything just fine, but since this is the machine that syncs my iPhone and iPad, iTunes said that they were synced with a different library and it wanted to replace all of the apps and data on both devices.  That's unacceptable.


    Interestingly the movies I added show up as being available to put on the iPad and iPhone.  It's just that they don't appear in the main Movies view.  So it's more like the Movies view is corrupted.  I tried removing all of the movies and re-importing them, but now the view just shows the "Feature films and home movies you add to iTunes..." splash page, so it appears there are no movies.


    If I can just get them into a playlist then I can live with that.

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    I'm having the exact same (frustrating) problem.  Turning off itunes match did not fix it for me.  Has anyone figures out a solution?

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    This worked for me. It was driving me crazy.


    Turn itunes match off then on.

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    The iTunes Match works for me and it fixed a problem that plagued me for months.  Thanks!!!

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    Turned off iTunes match and they showed up.  Thanks.

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    The iTunes match fixed for me.  This has happened twice a few months apart.  Same fix both times for me.

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    I also wanted to share that disabling/enabling iTunes Match resolved this issue. To go into a little more detail, they didn't show up until iTunes Match had been both re-enabled *and* had completed its own setup process.

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    Go To iTunes Preferences, General, then check the box for Show: Movies.

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    Hi All-

    I was having the same problem and I contacted iTunes support for help.  Turns out some of my moives and music were hidden.  Here is the link to walk you through checking to see if it is hidden.


    iTunes Store: Hiding and unhiding purchases