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I noticed when moving my iPhoto Library to Aperutre, that all of my photos are much smaller in file size then they were... For example, a photo in my iPhoto library weighs in at 7.6 MB and when moved to Aperture, it is resized to 1.2 MB? I don't want them to be resized, it affects my quality as a photographer. Am I doing something wrong here?

iMac 24" Intel Duo, Mac OS X (10.5.4), N/a
  • Keith Barkley Level 5 Level 5 (5,695 points)

    Sounds like you are copying the iPhoto preview, not the original. How are you transferring the files?

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    I did it through File > Import ? iPhoto Library

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    Where are you looking at he file sizes?

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    When I drag the photo to my desktop, and then click "Get Info" I noticed it is dramtically smaller in file size.

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    When you drag the image out of Aperture you are getting the preview not the full resolution image. The previews size is set in Aperture->Preferences->Previews, the quality slider will affect the JPG compression and thus the file size.


    To export the full resolution image use File->Export->Vesion and then select the export preset. You can edit the preset lsitlistand make you own presets.

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    That's it! Thank you!! I was having a panic attack!

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    Glad I was able to calm you



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    If you want to see the size of the photo in Aperture, go to the Metadata view. It will give pixel dimensions and file size.  If it does not, you can choose those things to be shown.


    To get a photo out of Aperture, you can Export it instead of dragging it out. When exporting you can choose original size or a variety of other sizes. 


    Or you can choose to have full size high quality previews ("Don't limit" the size and put the quality slider near the high end). If that is your choice, you can drag the preview and get a full size export. I believe you will need to regenerate previews for those images that have already been imported.  Full size previews take a lot more disk space.


    I believe that apps that have the media browser (Pages, iMovie, etc) use the preview image.  So if you want them to have access to the full size image via the media browser, the preview will have to be full size.  If I am wrong on this, someone will hopefully correct me.

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    What you say is correct, but ... the point is, you can _always_ export full size (or any size) and use the file created by exporting in any application.  In other words, all apps always have access to full-size Images -- you just have to make them by exporting. 


    Furthermore to uses within Aperture, the Preview gives you, via the Media Browser, access to (commonly) Web-size/email-size/draft-size copies of your Images.  For me, having quick access to this reduced but eminently usable size, is desirable.  But that is just one reason to keep your Previews set to a "moderate" size.  The main reason is to keep your Library from bloating.


    Setting Previews to "max" is, imho, unwise because this function is met elsewhere more efficiently, and (as you say) it will cause your Library take up a lot more disk space.