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Hey everyone got a question for you about iBooks Author. Let's say my book is out on the store, but all the sudden I found a HUGE typo or even a page I forgot to add. Can I go back and fix my mistake and push out a "update" which will allow the user to "update" their books just like you can for apps?

iBook, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    It's not like apps, sorry, You can only update publishing details.


    If it is a free/free iBook, push another edition.


    If it is a paid/paid book, you'll need another ISBN-13 and another book, edition, whatever.

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    In the Jan 19 keynote they talked about how easy is it was for publishers to update their ibooks unlike print versions where they have to do new editions etc.


    If the only way to do an update is with a new edition/ISBN, their keynote was misleading.

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    The iTunes Producer software you use to "deliver" your book to Apple is where you insert a copy of your book into a "package." This package gets transferred to Apple, and if all goes well is what gets published. If you need to change the book, you open the package on your computer (in iTunes Producer) and insert a new copy of your book (and/or update descriptions, etc). You re-submit this package to Apple from the iTunes Producer application on your computer, and in a few hours (in my experience) the new version is what is available on the store.

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    This is not true. You use iTunes Producer to update your published "package" and re-submit it to Apple.

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    I did it exactly as you are writing – in iT Producer I opened the package, inserted the updated new copy of the book and re-submitted. I got confirmation the upload was successful, but there is still the old version. I did this a week ago. Any help?

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    anyone have any updates to this?


    KT says it can't be done, someone else said it could. I just sent an update using itunes producer. But wondering if this will work.


    Anyone done it and seen sucess?

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    If it is a paid/paid book, you'll need another ISBN-13 and another book, edition, whatever.

    Everyone keeps saying this, but I completely don't understand it. When my publisher (O'Reilly) publishes my books, they only print a small number at a time, then make any corrections each time they republish. The ebook formats are also updated at the same time. In no case do the ISBNs change. The only time there's a new ISBN is when there is a whole new edition of the book for a new version of the software it's about. (In other words, the reprints/updates for the Photoshop Elements 9 book are still the same number, but the Photoshop Elements 10 book is treated as a new publication with a new ISBN.)

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    According to iTunes Connect, any updates to your book you make are supposed to process and appear within one business day.


    Honestly, my whole iBooks has become nothing but frustration. I have no idea how things really work--many of the rules/instructions posted in iTunes Producer and iTunes Connect either don't function that way or the documentation is simply untrue. I've even received updates from Apple about features that simply are not there. I try to remain positive but it is discouraging.

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    Maties, it's all here, I believe: