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When I signed back in to Safari, my home page was changed to  Mystart  (what ever that is).  I didn't download anything It just showed up.  Does anyone know anything about this and how to remove it safely.  I assume it is some kind of malware or something.   I use both Safari and Firefox and Firefox is fine.  Only Safari was changed.  I am using Snow Leopard on my desktop. 

Any Ideas?



iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    So change Safari's home age preferences back to what you want.


    Safari preferences --> General --> Home Page




    in the same Safari General prefs change New windows open with Home page.  That's probably set already.  I can't tell you how "Mystart" becaume your home page to begin with.  Parhaps some extension you added???


    Update: I did a google search for "what is MyStart".  It would seem your experience is not unique!  Still looking for an explaination.

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    I did change my home page back but I am a little concerned about how it got there.  It just appeared when I opened Safari so something was not right.  Just wondering if anyone else had the same problem.

    thanks for your reply

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    Did you look at the google search I provided ("what is MyStart")?  I said you are not unique nor is it unique to just the Safari browser or even OSX for that matter.  I'm still going through some of those google search hits for a possible cause.



    Just fishing here but by any chance did you do anything with something called INcredimail?

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    Just in case it is Incredmail see this on how to remove.

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    I can't seem to find anything on my computer by those names.  Maybe I'm OK


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    Restart safari and see.

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    Hi there,


    I noticed it, too, and found this after doing a search:


    http://www.ehmac.ca/anything-mac/99166-safari-suddenly-changed-home-page-wth.htm l


    The last 2 comments in that thread are from people saying that they downloaded FastestYouTubeDownloader, which I updated recently. So that might be the culprit. Or maybe it's one of the other things mentioned there. Hope this helps.


    As for moi, I reset my homepage preference in Safari, and now it's fine.

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    thanks for the information.  That is probably the problem.  By granddaughter was using my computer and downloaded   FastestYouTubeDownloader.  That was about the time I had the problem.


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    I downloaded "Fastest Free Yotube Downloader", and recently updated it. Shortly after, I got the "Mystart" homepage appearing each time Safari is opened. I assume it's that, but does anyone know if it's clean or has viruses?

    Thanks in advance

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    This is DEFINITELY related to the contributor's point below about the Fast Download Youtube To mp3 converter download - I downloaded that software last night from CNET - used it to convert 2 tracks from Youtube.com to mp3 files which added to my itunes - I then shut my computer down. I just restarted my macbook, and found that Mystart was my Homepage - I had never even heard of Mystart until Safari opened up with it today so I looked it up and found this discussion group... I'm now going to find it and remove it. Mystery solved!

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    Thanks for bringing this question to the forum.  For the past year, I've had a customized Google homepage on Safari.  It's all set up the way I want it.  Yesterday I downloaded and installed "Fastest Free YouTube Downloader" and today myGoogle homepage has been supplanted by a MyStart homepage.  Until today, I was pleasantly ignorent of MyStart's existence.


    Interestingly, I shut down my computer twice yesterday, after downloading "Fastest Free YouTube Downloader" and I still had my usual homepage each time I re-opened Safari.  That worries me because either MyStart was a little time bomb set to go off later, or they have opened a connection in to my computer, which means I may be in for other surprises in the future.


    This doesn't seem ethical. Maybe it's in the fine print somewhere on the "Fastest Free YouTube Downloader" I agree to the following terms and conditions page.  If not, then it's illegal.  "Fastest Free YouTube Downloader" has been a highly used and recommended program for Macs for several years.  Strange that they would be foolish enough to start inserting what looks a lot like malware in to their download.


    Thanks to ric_275and applesue7 for solving the mystery!

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    Fastestyoutubedownloader is a serious rip-off!!  If you purchase the upgrade - be aware that the Terms include the following statement;


    "One year of service will be provided at this price. You will be charged for your membership on an annual basis. Major software updates will be billed automatically for $6.95. Upgrades from Professional to Gold will be half price forever. Download speeds depend the capacity of your Internet connection."


    I have been billed TWICE for $19.95 (Memebership) and TWICE for $6.95 since I purchased an upgrade to Professional.  The program does not work!  I upgraded because the "free" version was taking very long to download, if at all. I assumed the upgrade would be an improvement. Although I downloaded a program and received a "Product Key"  it remains the "free" version! 


    There is no Support. The "Manage Your Account" link on the webpage - http://www.fastestvideodownloader.com - shows this message "The account management section is currently down. Please try again later." Emails to the address are not answered.


    My Bank tells me that as this is a recurring charge they cannot block it. Even if I switched banks I would still be liable?

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    I have just been billed again for a "maintenance" fee.  I do not have the software - never received an acknowledgement when I foolishly paid for the "Pro" version.  After trying to contact the perpetrator by several means I find myself being billed at least twice a year, once for renewal followed soon by a "maintenance" charge.


    This has already cost me $55.  This could go on forever! What a scam! -  Charges in perpetuity! There is a law about "slavery" that covers this kind of contract.


    If anyone knows of a contact address for this company I would be very grateful.