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Have put latest update patches realeased on two machines in my office. Since then office print dialouge boxes have stoped popping up when selecting print from the menu in Office 2004. Can I remove the patch and revert to the machine as it was?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Which patches are you talking about - for OS X, or for MS Office?  If for OS X, I don't believe it's possible to "undo" security updates, for the simple reason that it wouldn't be recommended.  If for MS Office, you may get more luck on an MS Office focussed forum over on Microsoft's website.  It may be worth your while anyway, as you may find others have suffered this problem before, and found a fix---it could be that Apple fixed something that MS Office relied on, in some way (it happens), and an MS Office patch is required.


    You could, if you wish, try repairing permissions on the machines in question, and judiciously temporarily removing MS Office permissions.


    Good luck.



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    It is the Apple OSX patch released yesterday  1st Feb 2012 that seems to be the problem  - it updated Security as well as remote access - The only program affected apeears to be the Office Suite 2004. Will look at Microsoft to see if they are aware and patching the problem

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    This not only affects Office 2004. It affects all old PowerPC apps running under Rosetta emulation. None of them print anymore.


    It clearly is something Apple should fix.


    I have not found a workaround.

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    Cold comfort to anyone who's already been affected, but I would strongly recommend never running a big update like this without having a recent bootable clone or a TM version to restore from. It's like doing a highwire act without a safety net.


    Lacking a backup, what can be done now is to reinstall Snow Leopard. The defaut reinstall will give you new system files as of the version on the install DVD,  while keeping everything else. Then use Sofware Update just to see what's needed -- I prefer the standalones from Apple Downloads -- and update back to 10.6.8 using the standalone Combo update. I like to update from Safe Boot.




    See my recommendations for updating.



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    Thank you for your response – I am running 10.6.8 (apologies for any confusion if I didn't make it clear in my post earlier).


    I have just returned from a meeting so was pleasantly surprised to see so many responses. And I normally *do* know better and in my old job I would have never updated whilst on a deadline and not without back-up. Somehow working from home (only my second week) has made me forget all the rules – even to back up first! Ouch.


    I think you are right but am too pressured for time and fear messing up the installation. Think for the time being will pull out my old g4 imac and try to hobble along.


    Thanks again

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    http://www.macintouch.com/readerreports/snowleopard/index.html#d02feb2012 also discusses the same issue. It might help watching that thread as well.

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    thanks again. glad to see that i am not alone. am just setting up my old imac g4. fingers crossed i can at least get some work done on it.

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    Having the same problem on two laptops at home, anything using Rosetta doesn't work, Appleworks, Word etc.


    How can I use Time Machine to go back and restore the system before the Security Update?


    I'm pretty bummed about this whole thing, I've always taken the security updates in the past, even while avoiding other updates.  This is a real drag.

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    You will have to restore the system to its state when it was last backed up prior to the update. Before taking that step, turn off Time Machine, and try repairing permissions.  Often that resolves security update issues.