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    I think those who come on here and say ridiculous comments like "I have NO problems" and/or those talking about a comparison with "early days of os X" etc. , really need to join the other threads and not this one. Penn-Ohio speaks from real experience (and so do I for that matter) using this app in an environment it is supposed to be designed for. If this is NOT an issue for "you" then gloRy be, all of us evil criticizers are so happy for you! But coming on THIS thread to say you "have no problems" is like trying to say there is no recession because you have a job and money in the bank. ??? Totally irrelevant and more provocating than it is helpful.


    NO ONE is saying its not a great app - POTENTIALLY but for a huge number of professional money-making users, it has real issues that are not up to reasonable. And that article posted earlier about a tv crew using FCPX in a broadcast situation - yeah - great! But it was 10.02 - not the one we are discussing!


    Lets keep the input with the content in context - this is for ANYONE who is having issues with this update. If you are not, its probably not because others are hallucinating, it is because you MAY not be running the same environment, needs, projects, complexities, speed requirements etc. and that should be RESPECTED.

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    I don't know whether you have answered this question previously but exactly what type of media are you using in your projects?

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    Hi Rich,

    Pro Res 422 all of it. Aiff audio.

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    I meant what format of video  before you optimized it.

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    99% is H264. All of it is optimized on injest to FCPX. We never run native compressed H264 - we run 422. Why do you ask, shouldnt FCPX 10.0.3 be able to run smoothly and quickly without the problems discussed, or am I using the wrong format?

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    Just FYI, I tested with Pro Res 422 and Pro Res 422 HQ -- there was no difference is performance.


    By all means you chest beaters of Apple FCPX, stick with it and do your best ... in the mean time, TIME IS MONEY and FCPX does NOT get close to the performance of Adobe PP (even more so when running Adobe PP on a Windows OS).  And to put that in perspective -- because Apple don't update their MacPro lines we have Windows editing stations what will get done with task that take 5 hours on a 12 core MacPro done in 3 hours on 12 core xeon @ 3.4Ghz under Windows 7.  2 hour savings IS HUGE ... in a week we're talking saving 1 full business day or more ... that's real money.


    So whatever Apple are doing isn't working, obviously Apple have the resources to make a product that could probably destroy all other video editing solutions, but they have elected not to do so.  This tells me Apple will never get "serious" about video editing software or hardware.


    And if you don't want to hear this, then don't read, but it changes NOTHING about Apple's lack of investment ... telling people to keep hacking away at FCPX 10.0.3 and hope it eventually catches up to the rest of video editing software is not a good recommendation for those serious about this field.


    I'm not even going to say "nice try Apple", because clearly they are NOT trying.

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    Oh for sure, wouldnt matter the flavour - 422 is native language in FCPX and any of these should run top dog - no matter the variation - "should " is the key word here   i wouldnt even begin to think of trying to run it in a non native format - whether it can do it or not. It crawls as it is so adding one more issue (trying to uncompress on the fly) is not something I'd be interested in wasting more time with.

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    Frame size and cameras?

  • montster Level 1 (15 points)

    Iphone frame size and iphone built-in camera.

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    ok let me recall my experience:


    Computer 1: MacPro 3,1, SSD bootdrive, 3x 7200rpm media drives, 32GB Ram, Lion

    Computer 2: MacPro 3,1, SSD bootdrive, 3x 7200rpm media drives, 32GB Ram, Snow leopard

    Computer 3: MacPro 4,1, 1x 7200rpm boot drive, 10GB Ram, Snow leopard

    Computer 4: Mac Book Pro 5,3, 1x SSD boot drive, 8GB Ram,Lion


    All Macs running 10.0.3 with Compressor and Motion.



    10.0.0 seemed to fine at first, then on certain projects it would CRASH CRASH CRASH. I was suspecting it was a media issue since other projects were fine.



    10.0.1 and 10.0.2

    minimal crashing. honestly dont remember any major issues, except some Motion rigs were causing crashes.

    Worked on 10min long projects, threw in 30 photos, 10 video clips, tons of tranitions, I was scared...but no crashes!



    10.0.3 update!

    Legacy projects: Crash Crash Crash

    I then followed a recommendation to 'trash my preferences'. I know its sound cliche and usually does nothing, but 'presto' it stopped crashing! Legacy/New projects seem to be fine. Just did a 6 angle mulitcam, and WOW that was easy!


    some thoughts:

    I still have some serious doubts about Lion and its memory behaviours with X, in general snow lepard has been rock solid with X, but Lion suffers. Also event management is important if you dont have 32GB of RAM, use Event Manger X to move finished projects out of the X folders. This will free up a lot of resources. X does eat a lot of Ram, and I notice it will take as musch as you give it, so with 32GB of RAm, it took 16 GB of it on a certain project, so on a 8GB laptop, it will SQUEEZE the Ram. Again removing your Events and Projects from thier respective folders and turning off background rendering will help this. I heard on another board that Optimzing your media can be troublesome as well.


    Moving forward I would recommend a few tests for general trouble:

    1. Move events and projects out of their respective folder - then test

    2. Start a fresh project WITH and WITHOUT Optimizing your media. - then test

    3. Trash your preferences - then test

    4. Move your project to another machine, see if it acts any different

    5. Move your project OFF any external media.

    6. Move your project ONTO external media. Is it fast enough?


    Hope some of this helps, and Im sure its been said before on this topic. X is an amazing program, and once its working for you, you will NOT look back. Dont give up yet, a lot of people are doing fine with it, so it can be fixed, There is light at the end of that long long tunnel.





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    BROOKLYNTREEZ wrote:  ok let me recall my experience: . . . regards, Brooklyntreez

    wow "BROOKLYNTREEZ" n i thought i had a package with 1 dual xeon macpro and 3 macbook pro's.  u'd be a candidate for the dual xeon macpro ima sell.


    regarding the contents of the thread . . so then, if i read you correctly, you have found that drive speeds AND memory management is totally required to get fcpx to work right?  also, sounds like macpro is a smarter answer also?


    would you say that fcp7 is much easier on your mac's performance wise than fcpx is?  that is, much less lockie up, color wheel syndrome, and crash issues? .. . and . . that fcp7 is much safer for turning out masses of videos and film projects?

  • BROOKLYNTREEZ Level 1 (120 points)

    Yes, fcp7 is much safer, and I use it for legacy projects and tape based media. But I cringe when I have to use it. Its a lot slower. X has increased my workflow x10. The other day I was rendering a 3 day render in Cinema 4d maxing all 8 cores. I got bored waiting, so I fired up X and started editting, and wow i was able to compete a 3min video in X while Cinema 4d was using 99% of my cores. Again Cinema 4d uses the Cores, while X uses a lot of RAM.


    I really have managed to eilimate my old spinning beach ball issues so far. I think its was a combination of more RAM, Event and Project Management (Event manager x) - $5


    and I know some people doubt, but trashing my preferences really did work! If you got Snow leopard, stick with it!


    Side note:  Having all these computers keeps my toes warm. Thanks but I dont need anymore. They are getting hot now!


    Remember to cool your computer down, this can easliy cause your RAM to malfunction.

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    BROOKLYNTREEZ wrote:  Yes, fcp7 is much safer, and I use it for legacy projects and tape based media. . . . Side note:  Having all these computers keeps my toes warm. Thanks but I dont need anymore. They are getting hot now! . . .

    follow you on the fcp7 and while its slower in the long run with safer sometimes its shorter which in my case "safe" always ends up extrapolating into money saved.


    haha on the mac's keeping your feet warm (wished mine were but i have my macs up on top of tables to keep the floor dust away from them) . . yeah i used to say all these machines keep my desk from floating away.  but they have been costing me too much and now turning to semi retirement i think the macbook pro with the drive changes ima to do with an esata 2nd drive will put me on course with a nice final cut set up AND i just was over at adobe (online and chatting) and i guess a lot of ppl are making a switch since the abondonment issue and not happy with the fcpx thing, and WOW what a deal.  the whole freaking production suite with AE, PP, ME, PS(e), Audition, FL, Catalyst, Encore, Bridge, and the list goes on for less than 850 . . thats 1700 worth of stuff for WOW.  i been wanting AE and Audition for years AND not really pleased with soundtrack pro.  ever run adobe premier pro?  i have run photoshop lots but nothing else.



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    Message was edited by: Penn-Ohio to clarify that not my feet on the desks but the mac's :-)

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    Just a warning on trashing your preferences, take screen shots of FCPX preference first and also make a copy of preferences file (it's hidden plist files).  And/or use preferences manager tool (Free).


    After trashing the file take a look at FCPX preference, you might see changes (defaults) that you do NOT want.


    There also appears to be a stability relationship between Lion and what version EFI you have.  You may also want to try Mountain Lion (developer preview) as an experiment (if you have spare Mac that you don't mind trashing) ... it's looking to be a much more solid OS than Lion and should be available retail this summer.  Mountain Lion doesn't have many new features, as seems to be focused on fixing problems found in Lion.


    I'm certainly not trying to suggest Adobe is the only alternative, there are others.  But if you really want to see side by side compare of FCPX, FCP7, and Adobe PP you can download Adobe PP trial version here: obviously this forum is going to try to work through FCPX (fair enough) ... I keep FCPX around just to see if Apple eventually do deliver on their promises, so far that has not happened (but it's all part of staying diversified).  But staying diversified (having more than one video editing solution) really will serve you best long term.  As a professional, you just can't put "faith" in Apple or just one company, just too risky.  However, be aware that Adobe are also going to be releasing PP CS6 soon (sometime between April-June 2012) so if you do decide to move to Adobe be aware a new version is coming soon.


    I guess I shouldn't be so negative with FCPX, it is only $299 vs. Adobe Suite which is $2600 (Full new Master's collection).

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    Rob A. wrote:  . . . . I guess I shouldn't be so negative with FCPX, it is only $299 vs. Adobe Suite which is $2600 (Full new Master's collection).

    yeah but that sutie is a LOT more than fcpx.  it has all kinds of things.  i was just looking at the production suite and even it is loaded.  i think for me, id be hard pressed to at least not consider it since i can go anyway as i cut my editing to 3-5 edits a month instead of a week as now.  also, my former experience (5 years) was avid products so my real influence would be to move in that direction since this fcpx is now in its 6th or more months, two revisions, and headed further into the slump from the sounds of it and that isn't where i wanna be on my more important investments at this juncture with less revenue coming in.


    EDIT:  BTW, "Rob A." thanks for this valuable input about fcpx and how the "work out" is going, im sooooooooo glad i didn't make the purchase myself.  im totally happy with all else that Apple is doing and it is becoming more and more evident that Apple's focus is on the consumer market (ipods, ipads, iphones, etc.) as opposed to the much much smaller market of pro workers.  if it were not that way, they would have left the fcp forums up for folks to keep exchanging ideas and the like.