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I have a 27" iMac. I would like to split the screen into two differently configured desktops or monitors. Apps like TwoUp or Divy don't exactly do this. I'll explain it with an example:


Suppose I'm working on a document and I need to open many folders to retrieve files. One common problem is that opened folders overlap each other and sometimes they overlap with the document I'm working on, or they go underneath the document. I would like to split the screen vertically in, say, two virtual, independent desktops/monitors, like this:

- one window/space on one side (say, on the left) of the screen would contain the document  from top to bottom, with no dock bar on the bottom

- the other window/space (right) would behave as a regular, full desktop, with the entire dock on the bottom


In this way, if I need to navigate to find a file to use in the document, I would move the cursor to the right. The Finder would work only in this window/space, thus windows or other applications would never overlap or clutter the left side of the screen. Drag-and-drop from right to left should be possible.


One way to imagine it is as if the 16x9 monitor were comprised by two vertical, 8x9 independent monitors side by side, each with its own configuration.


Is this possible? Can anyone recommend an application or type of setup?


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    Can't do it without another monitor, any software that could do such a hack would need access to Apple API's that they don't disclose.


    What you need is two 15" vertical nearl borderless monitors side by side and a MacPro.

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    Thank you. But what I'd like to use is, precisely, my iMac  , with its very large monitor.


    Alternatively: Could the Finder be set up to open folders only in one side of the screen?


    Yes, I could place the document on the right with Divy, the dock bar on the right, and as long as I only have one Finder window open, no problem. But as soon as I open a new one, it may show up anywhere.

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    The finder and most apps remember their window size and position.  So use that to position your windows.

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    Well, yes and no. The Finder remembers the window if only one is open and one navigates up and down based on that one. But when you open a new Finder window, it may pop up anywhere. Thanks for your suggestion, but it's not really what I'm looking for. I'm looking for something like Two Independent Monitors In One

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    Looking for something like this?


    You can tell Display Maid to save the positions of your open windows across many apps and later restore those positions when things become a mess. With Display Maid you don’t have to restore windows one at a time, or even one app at a time. Display Maid restores all saved window positions across all apps with one command. It will also restore window positions automatically when it detects a workspace change.