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I have been using iMessage for some time, and i notice questionable behaviors that i don't understand



I am in the US with ATT, and sending iMessage to a friend on ATT traveling outside the US.


The iMessage will never be delivered on somebody previously using iMassages and now Traveling and forced to use SMS in rooming.


Why is iMessages not sending them to SMS number ?



So i turned off iMessage to use SMS, and it all worked fine!



Another problem came up!


After using the iPad on IOS 5 i was getting the iMessage on the iPad too, but after turning it off on the iPhone i was still getting messages on iMessage only iPad and not on SMS on iPhone..



i think there is much improvement to be made on the Systems of iMessage, or explain the limitations

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1
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    you can let Apple know about improvements here:





    Does your friend have an int'l data plan when he/she is outside the U.S.   Or does he/she has any signal/service while abroad.

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    I suppose i can send on iPhone feedback,I don't see Messege on IOS apps feedback..



    she was using the local carrier in rooming, with data turned off.


    on wifi iMessage didn't work, but SMS worked fine.



    But why is iMessage not delivering to SMS if the client is traveling in rooming?


    it is probably a system not integrated with SMS and shouldn't be mixed in the SMS app on IOS5!


    I see many reports on international numbers not working..


    it is just not a simple like apple described it on there site..




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    It could be b/c she had data turned off or depending where she was located, she may not of had service at the time. 

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    Data was off, and i was receiving SMS from her for many days,


    but my iMessages didn't go true, but turning it off i was be able to communicate to here in SMS.


    But why should i need to know that she is traveling, it should just deliver if it is integrated to SMS, NO?


    If not that supports my idea that it should be NOT integrated in SMS, just like WhatsApp, Messenger and many others.