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Help ! My app seems  to originally have had an issue whereby it located one of my families 4 iPhones in one particular place about 30 miles from where I live ( when the phone in question was in my house) . Now it's also locating my two iPads and one of the other iphones in the same incorrect location - whereas my other two phones seem to be located ok . The phones are all set up exactly the same way .??? . Sometimes they revert to being located correctly but they then revert to this ( very precise) incorrect location ! HELP !! It's driving me mad . I have tried deleting and reloading the app

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    Depending on the phone signal your  phone might be logged into another cell tower from time to time.

    To try, switch all devices to Wi-Fi and you should get a better result.

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    Oddly its actually worse with the wifi ... It's when the iPads and phones are in the house ( attached to my home wifi)that they suddenly appear 30 miles away ...

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    Ok ... Seems my two "O2" network iPhones have no issues . My "orange" and " vodafone" iPhones are located ok with 3G - but not when they are on wifi. My iPads ( no network) suffer on wifi . What would cause that?  Is my ipaddress " moving" ? But then why wouldn't the 02 phones also suffer the same fate?

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    Your Wi-Fi location has to be part of an Apple database, if it is not listed, the location can differ.

    Did you try other Wi-Fi networks, maybe public ones to compare?

    As for the phones, sometimes my location is changing switching from Edge to 3G network and back, without even moving the phone is shown at least mile away, as soon as I switch back, it's right where I am.

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    I wonder if I have 2 different issues...The wifi cant be the sole cause as I have two phones that work perfectly in 3G or wifi. WHat I have discovered in the two rogue phones is that their location on their own 'maps ' app is also wrong ( anyone know the answer to fix that? - is that an apple issue or the phone network?)  But the ipads are wifi only and they are wrong too?

    Apple make some great stuff... but having to trawl through these pages when you have an issue is a real bind....  

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    i get this error message when i select find my iphone on cloud.com... last time i checked the GPS pulled it up