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Hi there,


i am searching for this one for quite a while without finding anything. Just found a couple of Threads where this error occured in concert with Active Directory. So I am sorry, if this question was answered before.


I have 2 Mac Pro Servers running OS X Lion 10.7.3 (updated today).

One works as the OD Master (called "Holmes"), while the other one (called "watson") should act as the first one's replica.

Concerning Server Admin setting up the replic worked quite well and the Master tells me that its replic would be "OK".


Clients can logon. However in the past, after a while clients couldn't login via Watson and the log filled with various error messages like:



Feb  2 22:17:59 watson slapd[5682]: slap_client_connect: URI=ldap:// ldap_sasl_interactive_bind_s failed (-2)

Feb  2 22:17:59 watson slapd[5682]: do_syncrepl1: client_connect failed (-1)



Feb  2 17:41:11 watson AppleFileServer[231]: _Assert: /SourceCache/afpserver/afpserver-585.2/afpserver/AFPRequest.cpp, 2005



Feb  2 17:41:11 watson AppleFileServer[231]: _Assert: /SourceCache/afpserver/afpserver-585.2/afpserver/AFPRequest.cpp, 2005


The first clearly has to do with LDAP, the other two are something coming from ASF. However i could not find out what's wrong...

I hoped that it would end with 10.7.3, but since these errors are coming in again I  have my doubts.


Does anybody know anything about this? I googled a lot about this, but couldn't find a thing.


kind regards,


Mac Pro