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I can no longer use iTunes whatsoever.


I'm hoping to get a refund for the $25 wasted on match if my PC isn't compatible. But how the **** do I get iTunes as a whole to stop crashing?


I'm on Windows 7 with AMD C-50 processor and 2GB RAM, 250GB hard disc.


Never had an issue with Apple products before today.


Windows error reporting claims that "an update to iTunes addresses the issue", but not only did I have 10.5.3 already, I went ahead and reinstalled it, too, and the 64bit version just for the **** of it in case that'd make difference. No luck.


I mean, surely, the fact that this is only happening to me means it is a problem with my system. But I don't suppose its the usual stuff that way, way inexperienced computer users end up on these forums about. No viruses (are there PC viruses that only affect iTunes match? sounds far fetched.) No firewall issues. Not running outdated software. I imagine its my CPU, my hardware, thats just not compatible with Match.


Anyways. The crash occurs about 20% into the progress bar of gathering info about your library for match. When restarting, it asks to log off and log back in to the itunes store. A few times I was able to do that, by getting to the little X and cutting off match before it could crash (still logging out and logging back in made no difference), but now the speed at which it gets to the 20% and crashes is so fast I can't beat it to it.


Do you suppose the Apple store at the mall, since I just got a 4S with Apple Care+ might be able to help me, or would there be a fee? I can't afford a new computer right now, and if mine just could never work with match period, might I get a refund?

iPhone 4S, Windows 7
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    I have exactly the same issue, except on a Mac!


    I shut off wifi, signed out of the store and turned off iTunes Match. Then I turned wifi back on and opened iTunes. It stayed open instead of crashing this time.


    But now I can't use the service I am paying for.


    I even reinstalled 10.7.3 with the combo updater. Issue remains. Let's hope this is fixed quickly!

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    How big is your library?  I would recommend the following troubleshooting steps:


    - Backup your library.  Always a good idea before messing with things.  


    - Create a new library.   Refer to this article for details:  http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1589.  This won't delete your old library, you're just creating a new empty one.  Also refer to this article to get back to your old library later.


    - Add a few albums into this new library.  Not everything, just a small sampling, as a test.


    - Activate Match on this new library.  You shouldn't have to re-pay, it should just say "Add Computer" or similar.


    - At this point, Match should run again. With just a few albums it should complete in just a few minutes.


    If iTunes doesn't crash at this point, then likely there's something about your original library that Match doesn't like - what that is I don't know, but at least you'll know it's not your PC.   If iTunes still crashes, then if could be a number of other things, but probably not your library.   My next suggestion (if you haven't already done this) is to uninstall / reinstall iTunes.   If that doesn't work, then my next ideas you won't like.   

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    iTunes Match is known to work with both Windows 7 and iPhone 4S.


    It sounds like they may be some local file corruption on your system.


    Suggested route to resolve:


    1.  Take a secure backup of your Song files;


    2.  Install again the current iTunes client;


    3.  Start iTunes with shift key held down - select option to create a new library;


    4.  Import Song files into the new library.


    This should restore iTunes operation on your computer.


    Once iTunes is running in a stable form:


    1.  Take a secure backup of the new library;


    2.  Turn on iTunes Match and allow the process to run to completion (several hours to several days);


    3.  Songs will either be 'uploaded' or 'matched'.


    Full recovery should be achieved.


    Further assistance should certainly be available from Apple should you need it.

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    Tried creating new ibrary, added just one album to it, one that wasnt even part of my origiinal library, and it promptly crashed. Ain't my choice of songs thats causing the trouble, then.

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    When it crashed, had you followed the steps as advised - meaning Windows 7 with a fresh install of iTunes and a new library?  If so, there must be some 3rd party software or hardware issue involved.  Options at this stage would be limited to:


    1.  Fixing Windows 7 - start from cold boot - update Windows - install updates - reboot from cold; and


    2.  Ensuring no 3rd software is running - usual culprits are firewall settings and/or antivirus support.


    Should all of these fail you would need to call Apple direct - they may well conclude it is an issue with your system rather than their service given the symptoms as described.

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    Agreed, and at least you've ruled out that it's not something in your song library.


    As mracole mentioned, rebooting cold and making sure the system is clean (i.e. a full virus scan) is a good idea.  I'd also recommend uninstalling / reinstalling iTunes as well, just to rule that out.  Again, what you are trying to do is eiminate potential factors.


    If none of these things work, the problem with calling Apple is that they will likely suggest the same thing I'm about to suggest, as a last resort - and that's a complete rebuild of your system.   I wouldn't do this unless you've exhausted all other options, as well as called them to make sure they have no other ideas.    But sometimes if you've spent a lot of time trying to fix problems, a rebuild (assuming you do full data backups so as to not lose your data) can fix many inherent issues.  It may not be worth doing just for Match, but if there are other inherent problems with the system that you've dealt with it could end up fixing all these problems.