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    I looked at this discussion when I started to have the error and i made me feel better that it wasn't only me who was struggling. I called apple support because my laptop is still new and so it is still free at the moment and told them about the error and that I wasn't the only one who was experiencing it. They did give me a few helpful tips how to work around it, but couldn't fix my original problem.


    First if it is not working in one library create another one:

    Shut down iTunes completly

    Hold Option and click on iTunes icon on your computer

    Click create new album

    Call it whatever you want


    Then there should be a new library with no songs or anything in it.

    Go to iTunes match and start the iTunes match

    All your songs should be there and start downloading

    The error hopefully wont come up again....


    This worked for me, I'm not too sure how everyone else will go. They are monitoring my account to see if it happens again. From the sounds of it she said that they had never had this error reported before so I don't think all those emails to apple support worked.


    They are looking into it and i guess they will sort it out, otherwise no one will buy it!


    HOPE THIS HELPS.... chels

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    I'm getting a failure trying to upload a new version of our app; the screen sizes have all been altered, and the icon, too.  And, it disallows a new imag upload, while requiring it at the same time.

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    Yesterday I tried to download some songs, but sometimes there was "2134" or "8364(or so)". first one was for music, second one for music videos. Today all things(till this moment) went well and i can download the songs without any problems for the songs(music vids have the same problem till now.). so just a tempory problem...

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    When trying downloading songs yesterday I got error 50 or 2114.

    I could see the songs in the downloads section in iTunes and could retry dowloading them from there.

    This morning most of my songs downloaded, with exception of those still listed (since yesterday) with an error code in the downloads section.

    Deleting the entries in the downloads and trying to download them again solved the problem.

    Everything is working fine now.

    I didn't had to recreate my library of whatsover.

    Greetings from Brussels

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    Guys, give it some thought!

    Apple is offering a service and it broke down (for whatever reason). And they seemed to be able to fix it in no-time. Remember when your phone line broke down last time... how long did that take? Or your car... tv... you name it!

    Every device / server / service can break down... it how they deal with it... and Apple did pretty good. But that's just me!


    For all the others still having issues... give it a couple more hrs!


    Wolfgang, Chemnitz, Germany

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    I would like to thank everyone who experienced this issue for coming forward and making me feel like I wasn't the only idiot with this problem.  Also, seeing the responses in the last ten hours or so that the issue appeared to be fixed.  I tried re-creating the library as per one post and that didn't help.  I re-tried downloading my library last night and find that at this time, 04:45 EST, that my uploaded songs are still doewnloading fine as they have been all though the night. 


    I will let it keep going for today while I am at work and finish downloading my matched songs over the weekend.


    I had about 62GB of music stored on an external hard drive as well as a USB thumb drive.  I had a VERY unlucky day last weekend, where my 64 GB stick was damaged in a computer at work and when I connected my external HD, a coworker came by and knocked it to the floor causing that device to fail as well!


    Sure glad I had taken advantage of iTunes Match a month ago!  I was VERY dissappointed when I started getting many errors, but that seems to be solved for the time being.


    Once again, thank you everyone!

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    I can stream and download matched tracks now, but videos keep not playing yet. Neither from my secondary computer, nor from my Apple TV. I've restored my Apple TV to factory settings and deactivated iTunes Match, activated again and it's currently updating iCloud. I'll see if this works for videos or not...


    Still waiting for Customer Support response...


    This is such a drag...



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    Videos keep not working at all. Funny enough, the latest video I bought yesterday plays on streaming both on secondary computer and Apple TV (unlike the others).


    I've restored accounts and configuration on my Apple TV and I'm currently in the process of updating everything again.


    Last but not least, I'm gonna turn iTunes Match on again. And if this doesn't work I'll let it all be until Apple REALLY fix this disaster...

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    Music downloads working again; I had to turn Match off, restart iTunes and turn Match back on again once I heard the fix was in. Don't use Match for video.

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    btw, what is the situation with video? Thought maybe it just wasn't available in my country, but it appears video matching isn't offered anywhere. Are you folks just talking about home sharing?

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    Well, it's not exactly "video iTunes matching", but any video purchased with the same iCloud iTunes Match account may stream and download on any of your iOS devices and registered on iTunes Match computers. And this seems to be the last thing not working yet because of this iTunes Match breakdown...

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    Stream purchased movies from the cloud? Or do you mean stream

    a local copy on your computer, to other devices?

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    I don't know about movies, but music videos. And music videos purchased with the same account do work like that from the iCloud. This is my setup: I have a primary computer whose hard drive contains all the music and video files on my iTunes library and iCloud. I have a secondary computer and an Apple TV and I can either stream or download from the secondary computer and stream every music video and song on my Apple TV from the iCloud.


    But after the current breakdown starting yesterday music videos aren't even working on my Apple TV...



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    Ah, got it. Wasn't aware music videos could stream from icloud, I assumed only local copies. Hope you get it sorted out!

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    unlikely...I didn't update until today (using the combo) because of the issues associated with THAT...I actually updated today hoping for some degree of resolution. Alas, not.